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Want A Roommate for Anarchapulco 2018? Here Are More Available Lodging Options!



Want A Roommate for Anarchapulco 2018? Here Are More Available Lodging Options!


There is just about a week remaining until the start of Anarchapulco 2018 and some people likely still are trying to make hotel reservations.

Some though, are trying to find roommates to save on cost.

Do you want a roommate for the conference or would you like a place to stay with other Anarchapulco attendee(s)?

Note there are still rooms available at the Princess before and after the conference but the hotel is fully booked out on Thursday and Friday night.

Here are a few other options you have to find lodging:

  1. Go to the Facebook group “Roommates at Anarchapulco” at facebook.com/anarcharoommates
  2. Go to the Slack channel #roommates2018Anarcha at http://bit.ly/2DJ5s6Z
  3. Go to AirBnB.com and look for something in Acapulco near Acapulco Diamante or Playa Diamante area
  4. 3 miles away from the Princess Mundo Imperial is the Mayan Palace Acapulco and you can get a room for $115 USD/night by calling +52 744 469 6000, press 1 for English, press extension 6079, and tell them the code is “Anarchapulco”.
  5. Book a room at the Forum Mundo Imperial Resort. You can call 844-855-9253 if calling from the US, 01 800 090 9900 from within Mexico, or 844-861-6960 from Canada.

If you do decide to grab a room with another attendee, please be an awesome roommate.

And, you probably already are an awesome person if you are travelling to Acapulco for this epic conference on freedom, health, and cryptocurrency!

However, we all are human and may benefit by getting a friendly reminder that the two principles of anarchy/voluntaryism, are:

  1. Self-ownership – whereby all people own their body and the results, or consequences, it produces.
  2. “NAP” – the non-aggression principle is that ethical stance which holds that initiating violence or aggression is wrong, unless it is to defend oneself or one’s property.

As it turns out, these are good guidelines for being roommates and are interesting topics to discuss over a glass of wine or beer!

We truly look forward to sharing the amazing speakers, workshops, classes, ceremonies, and communities with you in just under a week. Thank you for your patience in all things as we grew by over 300% in just one year and couldn’t have an awesome conference without your interest, attendance, and overall support.

And, don’t forget, whether you come down or not you can still watch entire conference live via livesteam at www.anarchapulco.com/livestream.  And almost all events aside from Anarchapulco still have availability so you can attend those even if you couldn’t get a ticket to Anarchapulco.

People have already started rolling into town and we’ll see many more of you in the coming week!

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