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How To Unschool Your Child Legally

unschool legally

How do you unschool your child legally?

How many times have you kind of broken the law? You know; driven a bit above the posted speed limit, inhaled the smoke of a plant deemed “illegal” or taken that phone call while driving. The costs of doing so might include a little legal extortion in the form of a ticket and maybe even the confiscation of your property. Worst case scenario is that you spend some time in a communal criminal compound somewhere treated like a shelter animal. While no one wants to be subject to these consequences, the mere threat alone hasn’t been enough to deter people from committing these “crimes” entirely. But what about when the legal ramification is losing something that is more precious to you than anything else in the entire world? What if you risked losing your child? This is a question many unschoolers must face when considering alternative strategies for educating their children.

unschool legally

Modern politicians don’t want competition and certainly don’t want any more freethinkers in the world. This point was made very clear by California Senator Kamala Harris who has vehemently supported compulsory public education, going so far as threatening imprisonment for those parents that don’t follow the State’s stringent regulations on school attendance. In her own words:

“I have a huge stick. The school system has got a carrot. Let’s work in tandem around our collective objective and goal, which is to get those kids in school”.

Why is she so adamant and willing to visit violence upon non-violent individuals? Many of us know why! Public schools create little brainwashed, government loving, un-freethinkers who obey whatever edicts are issued so long as they are disguised under the mask of being “the right choice for the future.” 

Luckily for those with a little bit of gumption, there are options like unschooling to get around such outcomes for your own children while avoiding jail time. There are many who are already participating in the unschooling movement. Some have been doing so for years, and have been effectively navigating the legal system. Every single of one those parents had to figure out how to unschool legally, so you’re not alone.

What government operatives, like Kamala Harris, don’t understand (and likely would never accept) about education is that children learn more from real world experiences than from the siting at desks for hours on end and completing the subsequent piles of homework assignments. Yet many sit at their desks learning little to nothing, and become stigmatized and demoralized as a result of their experiences in the school system. How many school officials do they send to jail for failing to educate your children?

Unschooling isn’t necessarily illegal. However, you must take the correct steps to play by the rules of your local government if you choose to educate outside the walls of the public schooling edifice. Some states in the US have loosened the regulations around how to go about homeschooling. Before you start getting upset about unschooling not being homeschooling, unschooling can easily slip in under the radar as a subsect of homeschooling. States like Arizona have gone from allowing homeschooling only with a list of requirements such as assessment, random testing, and vaccine records to accepting high school diplomas written by parent “teachers.” How to unschool legally can actually be quite easy, as long as you are willing to grin and bear while carefully checking the boxes on your states to-do list. Nobody likes dealing with the government, especially when they’re trying to force their way into you and your children’s learning environment, but we encourage you keep calm and educate on.

There are a few states in the US that rank higher as homeschooling friendly states such as Illinois, Oklahoma, and Texas. These states require no notice whatsoever to the school district about educating from home. In contrast, states like Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont are stringent in their rules and regulations on how you must teach from your home or even if you may do so at all. These states require lengthy lists of requisites that must be met before you can even consider educating outside of the public system. Home visits, state-approved curriculum, and a teaching qualification are just a few things that may impede you in the process.

If your state is one of those that makes it almost impossible to unschool, relocating is a good option, though not always practical. There are several examples of states that border each other with incredibly different stances on the legality and process of homeschooling and unschooling. For example, if you live in Illinois, there is no requirement to contact the school system when deciding to unschool, while just to the north in Wisconsin it is a requirement and that’s that. Travel into Minnesota and you’re looking at being accessed with test scores and professional evaluations. If you’re thinking of unschooling, but are tied to a job or community, consider moving to neighboring states. It’s not unheard of for a parent to work in one state while residing in another. Increased travel time may be worth it to ensure that you have all the freedoms you need to nourish your child’s inner creativity and ability to grow outside of the confines of the school prison system.

Great resources are available online such as hslda.org. HSLDA’s mission statement:

To preserve and advance the fundamental, God-given, constitutional right of parents and others legally responsible for their children to direct their education. In so doing, we rely on two fundamental freedoms—parental rights and religious freedom. We advocate for these freedoms in the courtrooms, before government officials, and in the public arena. Additionally, we assist other educational organizations in similar activities, where possible and appropriate.

They offer a comprehensive website that will walk you through the entire process of removing your child from the system and the proper procedures thereafter. Become a member and you’ll have access to free legal advice and representation. The information found on their site makes the “how to unschool your child legally” problem easy to solve.

Channel your desire to learn more about educational freedom by purchasing your tickets to Anarchapulco and join the Free Your Family camp. This years event will focus on the entire family with events not only on the how-to of unschooling, but with a focus on topics such as the history of compulsory learning, how to support your kid’s creativity, and even a question and answer session from an unschooled adult. This is an event you can’t miss, especially if you’re passionate about the unschooling movement. Get your kids out of schools and into the freedom to evolve through unschooling today! Don’t let the legality of unschooling stop you! Being able to allow a child to grow and nourish an open, freethinking mind isn’t illegal, but trying to do so without may be. Once you learn how to unschool your child legally, you’re all set to start your unschooling adventure!

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