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Tips & Suggestions for Travel to Acapulco, Mexico

Backpack, hat and flip-flops on the pebble beach. Sea in the background

As we edge closer to Anarchapulco we thought we’d give you a few suggestions of things to bring and be aware of before joining us at Anarchapulco!! This should make you planing easy for travel to Acapulco. 

Passports – Be sure to check your passports expiry date before heading to Mexico! If it expires six months before your arrival date, you may not be let into the country. The maximum period of time that a visitor may stay in Mexico without a formal visa is six months. Therefore your passport, regardless of country of origin, should be valid for a minimum period of six months, however long you intend to stay to avoid any potential problems at the port of entry.

Immigration – You will go through immigration in Mexico City. They will give you an INS card, keep this safe as you are required to return it when you depart Mexico. If you lose it, they will ask you to fill our a new one and pay a fine (about $500 pesos), this may delay you in catching your flight. Dayna was held back a day once, missing her flight, for losing her INS card. Although Acapulco is a wonderful place to be “stuck” for additional night, it was inconvenient and costly.

Backpack, hat and flip-flops on the pebble beach. Sea in the background

Transportation from the Acapulco Airport to the Princess Mundo Hotel – The airport has a cab service that is safe and reliable. They charge around $20 USD for the ride to the hotel.

Be Alert / Travel Smart – We know there is a lot of negative press about Acapulco and while everyone on the Acapulco team has traveled multiple times to Acapulco and had no problems and we gladly support traveling to Acapulco, we also advise being a smart traveler like you would in any large city. Know your surroundings.. Travel with a friend or make sure someone knows where you are when you venture off of the hotel property. Use the official taxi system and drivers from the hotel. There are a number of cabs outside of the hotel property which we have used and they are safe, but if you are uncomfortable using them, the ones on the hotel property are the safest option.


We also thought it would be helpful for you to have a list of things to pack and bring to make your time in Acapulco more comfortable and enjoyable. Although you can find many of these things nearby, it’s nice to pack them and not have to worry about spending your precious time in Mexico hunting down specific items:

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Universal Waterproof Phone Case – Waterproof phone cases are amazing! Everyone is aware that getting your phone wet is a “no no” but few people realize how even a little bit of sand can really mess up your phone’s camera. A waterproof case will protect your phone from the elements when you travel to Acapulco beaches.

Mosquito Repelling Wristbands – Mosquito-borne illnesses, although rare, are still an issue in Mexico. Just in case, you’ll want to protect yourself against bites. Pack some deet-free wristbands, some insect spray, and be especially vigilant about applying if you’re going hiking in the jungle. It shouldn’t be much of an issue on the hotel property itself, but if you are wanting to venture out, you’ll be glad you have it.

Long-sleeved Swim Rash Guard, Sunglasses and Sun Hat – The Mexican sun can be absolutely brutal. If you don’t want be in agony on the first night of your trip then you need a long-sleeved rash guard for those gorgeous beach days. Getting sun on your skin is nice and healthy but it only takes 15 minutes to get a bad sunburn in the Mexican sun! Sunscreen isn’t the healthiest choice and it’s dangerous for the sea life. Although we’d rather you use it than get burned there is a healthier option for both you and the natural environment, such as lightweight, long-sleeved rash guard clothing or a big sun hat. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses! These are essential in the Mexican sun.


Charcoal Tablets – Traditional Mexican food is not known to be easy on the stomach. If you aren’t planning on eating at Verde Vegan for every meal, you’ll want to take precautions with the food and water. If you get an upset stomach, you will want to have some charcoal tablets with you. Taking 2-4 tablets at the first sign of problems will absorb the troublesome pathogens and help you stay healthy while you travel to Acapulco for the event.

Water Shoes or Flip Flops – The cement on the property of the Princess gets HOT. Even though there is ample shade, you will want either water shoes, or flip-flops to walk around comfortably. Be sure to kick off your shoes daily to ground yourself on the grass or sand. Grounding has many benefits and we greatly promote it!!

Leave-in hair conditioner or coconut oil – No doubt you’ll be spending plenty of time at the beautiful beach and the pools at Anarchapulco. But too much sun and saltwater will wreak havoc on your hair. The solution is to use a leave-in conditioner or a more natural approach using coconut oil, which will protect your hair from the elements and prevent it drying out too much. There are both chlorinated and a salt water pool. Both dry out your hair, so although a small thing – you’ll be glad you knew about this, especially if you have long hair.

Daypack or Bag – A quality daypack or bag is helpful to bring with you to the event. You won’t want to be back and forth to your room all day, especially if your room is far from the conference spaces. The Princess Hotel property is huge! Before leaving your room every morning you can fill your daypack with things that you’ll be happy you have on you. Things such as a pen and paper, water, wet-naps/wipes, phone chargers, sunscreen/coconut oil, your credit cards, camera or whatever else you like to have on you to make yourself more comfortable while experiencing the event are nice to have with you in a daypack or bag.

Travel to Acapulco. Backpack, hat and flip-flops on the pebble beach. Sea in the background

Sea Bands – If you suffer from sea sickness or motion sickness then this little invention is a godsend. They work by simply applying some pressure to the pressure point on your wrist which has been shown scientifically to restore the balance in your body. If you plan on enjoying some watersports or day trips on the ocean while in Acapulco, these are wonderful!

Passport Pouch – Passports can be a massive hassle to replace, especially while abroad, so it makes sense that you’d want to keep it safe. Keep it in a strong passport holder separate from your wallet. Perhaps keep a spare ATM card with the passport and store it in a safe place during your trip.

We hope these tips for travel to Acapulco are helpful and will make your time at Anarchapulco more comfortable! We look forward to seeing you all soon! Plan ahead to enable yourself to be more present and at ease during the event.

Peace, Love and Anarchy,

The Anarchapulco Team

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