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Train Hopping To Acapulco


Train Hopping To Acapulco


Several weeks ago we mentioned how a number of Anarchapulco attendees will be sailing down to Acapulco in addition to driving. These people are a part of the self proclaimed “Freedom Fleet” and we’re incredibly excited to have them!
Now, we have a new mode of transportation to add to the list of the Freedom Fleet; travel by train hopping.
Michael Karrer, otherwise known as Stxs, had been documenting his train hopping adventures across the US on Steemit and Youtube.
Some of his trips have included him going from Laramie, Wyoming to San Francisco, Portland to Chicago, and Fort Wayne to Cincinnati among other long distance rides.
We’re so happy to have him make his way down and if you want to follow his adventures check out him out on Steemit: acab1312news or on his youtube channel: VidsOSticks
It just goes to show that if there’s a will there’s a way to make it the largest voluntaryist and anarcho-capitalist conference in the world being held from February 25th- 28th, right here in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico.
There is still time to hop a train or other form of transportation and get here.  And still time to register, which you can do at Anarchapulco.com.
Many people have already begun to arrive as many stay here for weeks or months.  The daily/nightly parties will begin soon and continue on well into March.
We look forward to seeing you here!

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