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Things To Do At The Sold Out Anarchapulco 2018



Things To Do At The Sold Out Anarchapulco 2018


Yes, you read that correctly, Anarchapulco 2018 is completely sold out!

Not only will this year’s conference be the most attended in history, but it will also have awesome before and after workshops and events in addition to the main conference to accommodate voluntaryists of all ages.

One example is the Facebook group for parents to organize meetups and possible play dates, along with activities for the little people attending the conference this year.


We’d like to receive some feedback from the families that are coming about the activities you think your kids would be interested in being a part of.

We are thinking about kids yoga – daily. Possibly surf lessons down by the beach as well.

Kids should bring any tablets or laptops they have. We are considering providing a Minecraft or Roblox lab.

Obviously, physical activity out in the sun would be great, but for kids that might be under the weather or are just too sunburnt to go out in the sun having back up activities would be beneficial.

Of course, if your kids would like to be a part of running an activity that would be fantastic. Just mention that in the Facebook group.

There is a kids club at the Princess. Several community kids have spent many days playing there and enjoy it tremendously. Note: most of the activities at the club are appropriate for the ages six and up. There are lots of crafts, so any creative kids can find many hours of enjoyment there. Many of the staff also speak English.

Also, there have been some questions about having staff help watch children during Ceremonies or maybe in the evenings. If you have thoughts or needs about this, please bring that up in the Facebook group so we can explore solutions.

We look forward to seeing you down here!

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