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The Future of Media… Forget Traditional School



[The following post is by TDV Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Berwick]

The world of media has changed dramatically in the last twenty years thanks to the internet.

Harking back to the pre-internet days, in 1989, after having begrudgingly completed my twelve years of being in an indoctrination camp my mother chided me that I “had” to go to College.  I told her that I just wanted to get out there and do something… I didn’t need four more years of being unproductive and “learning” mostly useless things but she demanded that I must go!

I acquiesed and agreed to at least try it.  But, my grades in high school were almost completely, across the board at about 50-59%.  That’s because I knew that 50% was what was needed to escape the system and so I put in the bare minimum of time and work to get 50%… and sometimes accidentally overshot.

So, this meant that I could not get into any University and so we looked at Community Colleges in my hometown of Deadmonton, Kanada, in the Kanadian version of Siberia.

I flipped through the book and didn’t see much that interested me.  Finally I agreed to go to a two year “Media & Advertising” class.  Something about media attracted me and it is funny that still to this day I am quite involved in the media world.

However, I showed up at the class and couldn’t believe how outdated everything was.  Personal computers had already been out for the last decade and I spent most of that decade exploring the world of computing.  But in the media class they were mostly working with typewriters and doing graphical things with papers and scissors and glue!

I mocked the teachers and told them they need to be doing all of it through the computer.  They had one Mac computer there and I tried to show them how to use it but they got angry at me, telling me that they were the experts in media and advertising and that I should just do it their way.

It eventually reached the point where they threw me out of the school.  I remember the exact class I got kicked out of… it was called “Media 101” and I continually made the teacher look like a fool to the point that he kicked me out.  Ten years later I was running a media company I founded, Stockhouse Media Corporation, which was worth $240 million at the peak of the tech bubble.

Since the tech bubble, however, the rate of change in the world of media has been unbelievable.  Hardly anyone watches CNN anymore and MSNBC just announced they are going to show more sports programming in order to retain what few viewers they have left.

The real change is that many people get their news, information and analysis not from top-down, centralized media monopolies but from independent organizations, websites and video/audio providers.  This is the real revolution and it is unstoppable.


That is why when Luke Rudkowski, one of the biggest independent investigative journalism brands, announced Change Media University I was excited.

Unlike going to a journalism college you don’t have to spend four years and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn how media and journalism used to be done!

Now you can learn everything you need to know to break into the world of independent investigative journalism in about a day and for around $150!  And you will actually learn about what is going on today… not what happened years ago and is already outdated.  Things are changing so fast that it is pointless to go to a school for four years to mostly learn from people who did things decades ago.  Even by the time you finish school everything will be outdated.

I recently spoke with Luke Rudkowski about the launch of Change Media University.  If you have any interest in media this is a must see video from one of the guys who has changed the game.

Furthermore, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Luke Rudkowski will be hosting the first live event of Change Media University in a one-day workshop at Anarchapulco on February 26th.  The workshop is offered at only $95 if you sign up before Christmas Day.  After Christmas it will go up to $145 per person (you can see more here).

As well, we’re also excited to announce that Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca will also be teaching at the event.  Dan Dicks and Press For Truth have been some of the best sources for news and information in Kanada including the recent Parliament shooting and have done five documentaries including exposing police agent provacateurs at one political event.

As well, I will teach a one hour course on how to start and grow a media company including how to monetize things like your own blog.

So if you were like me when I was younger and have your parents demanding that you go to four years of school to learn something like journalism, let them know that they can save tens of thousands of dollars and you can save four years of your life by attending Change Media University at Anarchapulco instead.

As well, even for older people who wish to learn the ins and outs of the new world of media and journalism this is an incredible opportunity to learn from the real leading experts of today… and all right on the beach in Anarchapulco!