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The Anarchapulco Manifesto

Read and contribute to the Anarchapulco Manifesto here

The Anarchapulco Manifesto

The Anarchapulco Manifesto

A manifesto is a declaration of intentions by a group or community. The Anarchapulco team wanted to create a manifesto this year to reflect our beliefs and intentions as a community. We want to invite you all to contribute!! A manifesto gives an event it’s ethos. It’s mojo. It’s intention and reason for being.

Here is the Anarchapulco Manifesto so far. We feel that it covers much of the scope of what our Anarchist community embodies, but the development of the Anarchapulco Manifesto needs your ideas and input! If this manifesto is for our community, it needs to be created by our community. Please send us your intentions or beliefs of what anarchism means to YOU and we will possibly add it to the manifesto. If you’d like to add to our growing manifesto, please fill out THIS FORM.

We Own Ourselves

We choose to live in freedom to promote freedom

We do not rely on experts to tell us how to live

We denounce authorities and instead live in partnership to create a more peaceful world

We choose to have voluntary relationships only

We will never infringe on another’s freedom

We will never impose our will on others

We value self reliance and strive to help others take responsibility for their lives

We reject government-imposed patriotism

We desire equal freedom for all

We honor and celebrate the diversity in the Anarchist community

We will organize Anarchapulco without hierarchy, force or violence

We will not criminalize victimless pursuits

We will strive to find peaceful solutions for resolving issues and conflicts

Peace, Love and Anarchy,

The Anarchapulco Team

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