It has been a little over two weeks since the end of Anarchapulco 2015 and we are finally recovered from the nearly week long celebration!  In fact, so many people stayed after the conference that it felt like it lasted for another week as get-togethers, boat trips, bar crawling, drinks and dinners continued on well after the event.  Numerous people are still here to this day and dozens have already made the decision to stay/move here.

But now that things around here are getting somewhat back to normal we finally get the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the first international anarcho-capitalist conference of its type!

The first big thank you goes out to the hundreds who came from around the world to the event.  We ended up selling out the convention room completely, much to our surprise!  People came from every corner of the world and it was truly an international event.

It was an amazing group of truly ancap attendees.  Being our first conference there were a number of bumps and many attendees helped or pitched in to make sure it went along like clockwork.  Even when the hotel’s wifi was substandard, a number of ancaps decided to fix it on their own and actually did so!

The hotel staff had mentioned they were a bit apprehensive about having a large anarchist conference in the hotel but many told us afterwards that we were the best conference attendees they had ever hosted.  We fixed their wifi, bought lots of food and drinks, didn’t break anything and tipped graciously for service.

Ancaps don’t cause problems… we fix problems!

danlukeThe next big, big shoutout goes to Sarah Ziegler.  Those who were at the event know that she was the glue that held everything together.  Not many know but she actually volunteered her time to work from morning to night making sure everything went smoothly.  She said, for her, it was just an honor to be a part of the event… but the honor was truly ours!  If you are ever looking for a solid, strong, fun (she even freestyle raps) woman to organize things for you we can’t recommend her highly enough.  It’s no small statement to say that we really couldn’t have done it without her!

The next big thank you goes to all the MC’s, speakers and artists!  Not only did I learn alot from all of them but each gave me inspiration in their message.  The message, across the board, was one of re-inventing the world into a voluntary and peaceful place through our minds, spirits and the countless radio, podcast, enterprises and inventions that ancaps are bringing to the world.

We did record each presentation, by the way, and will have them available via DVD or Video-On-Demand soon if you missed it or if you just want to relive the experience.

Here is James Corbett’s keynote presentation as an example of how dynamic and interesting the talks were.  And here is a small snippet of Luke Rudkowski’s “Change Media University” bootcamp, which was literally a boot camp as you can see!

We’ve received a lot of incredibly positive feedback also!

Mark Edge, of Free Talk Live, said, “I went to Anarchapulco to see if what Jeff Berwick said about Acapulco was true. Besides an epic event, I found beautiful weather, unparalleled views, what appeared to be a safe city full of friendly people, affordable prices and an escape from much of the oppressiveness of the State in the US.”

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, we’d love to hear it.  You can send to [email protected].

The biggest question everyone is asking is, “Will there be an Anarchapulco 2016”?  We wanted to take a few weeks to ponder it over but we have decided that there MUST be an Anarchapulco 2016!  We will soon begin to look at dates, likely to be in January or February of next year.

Stay tuned via our mailing list at Anarchapulco.com or on the Anarchapulco Facebook page for updates as they come out.

And so, until we meet yet again… Peace, Love and Anarchy!

Jeff Berwick
Chief Freedom Officer (CFO)