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Terry Brock’s Fund Your Freedom Entrepreneurship Seminar


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Terry Brock’s Fund Your Freedom Entrepreneurship Seminar

March 1st – $495 Early Bird Special

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Fund Your Freedom: Generate the Business To Have the Life You Want

Learn What You Need To Live The Liberty Lifestyle

Living a life with freedom as you want, when you want, the way you please is up to you. If you know how to play the game you will make it. If not, you’ll always be in “wishing” mode that things would get better.

I recently introduced and got to know former world heavyweight champion, George Foreman as I introduced him at FreedomFest in Las Vegas

I’ve been living an international lifestyle as a professional speaker, marketing coach, and syndicated columnist since I started my business in 1983. As of today I’ve been in 37 countries, all 50 States, and have a lifestyle I love.


This is not about me, but about you. You can have the lifestyle you want today as never before. You can travel around the world, minimize the hassle of government(s) and enjoy your life. The tools are available today as never before with the Internet, social media, Blockchain technologies

I was asked to introduce Judge Andrew Napolitano and Steve Forbes. Getting to know them was a real joy

(like Bitcoin and others), and more.

However, you have to know what to do and how to do it. If you know the “inside secrets” of how to connect with people and use the technologies available today, you can create the liberty lifestyle you want.

I have paid a lot in terms of TME (Time, Money, Energy) to learn how to make this happen. Now, I’ve put it all together in this special learning and coaching experience for those who want the liberty lifestyle. It is now available for you, and at a special reduced price — if you act now.

In this learning experience you will get the following:

Interviewing Indiegogo’s CEO, Dave Mandelbrot
    • Tools. Learn about tools that can help you connect with customers and clients who will gladly work with you to fulfill their own dreams. This will include, but not be limited to, tools like video, microphones, software, apps, scanners, smartphones, tablets, and more. Not just a “geek fest” (although that can be great!) these are practical tools which will help you create the structure to make your business work.
    • Mindset. This is critical to knowing what to do. I base much of what I do on the principles that Harry Browne taught us in his book, How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World. These words have shaped my life and I want to share those principles as well as practical
Interviewing John McAfee for FreedomFest TV talking about liberty and freedom, real-world applications.
  • How to Get Moving When You’re Stuck. This is something that happens to all of us. When you are in that “I just can’t get moving” mode, I’ll be there to help. You’ll discover practical and strategic ways to blast through the “yuck” (technical term) that is holding you back and succeed. This is what successful people have done. I’ve been around many famous people and they have taught me how they get over their own “stuff” and I will share this with you.
  • Finding The Right Market. Who is the right customer for you? This is critical to know what to do. It is also vitally important to know who is NOT your customer. We’ll go over these concepts to help you get what you need to move your market to the next level.
Being interviewed by Bloomberg Mexico, El Financiero, in Mexico City
  • Creating Video (Live, Recorded, Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype, More) To Get Business. I’ve been working with video a lot. In fact, a few years ago, Skype saw what I was doing and asked me to come on board helping them. I became the Chief Enterprise Blogger for them and worked with professionals around the world (23 million monthly users). In this section of Fund Your Freedom I’ll show you exactly what I’m using now to create value for customers. You’ll learn about how Facebook Live is changing the business opportunities in your favor. You’ll learn about the inside secrets of tools like Zoom for product creation (you’ll LOVE this!).
  • Stretching Your Brain Power To Achieve More. This is something that I’ve followed for a few decades. As an entrepreneur you need to know how to tap into what works for you to be at your optimal best. You’ll discover what I’m doing with fitness, exercise, supplements, health and more. Find some of my “inside secrets” that help me get the boost I need.
  • How to Get Speaking Engagements Around The World. This is what I’ve been doing since 1988 when Coca-Cola asked me to speak to their offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Jakarta. I’ve found that we learn a lot when we are engaging with people who are in different cultures and environments. Bonus- the benefits of learning additional languages and that can translate into business for you. Make the world your playground and get business world-wide.

4-Week Program Customized To You

From the 148th floor of the Barj Kalifa in Dubai. A great city!

This is not just a one-day event. This is not an “online only” event where you can’t get help from the instructor. Too many courses today only provide online learning with no interaction from the instructor. I want to be there for you. Yep, me, being there for you to help you achieve your success.

Here’s what you’ll get when you register for this course through Anarcapulco 2017:

In Sydney, Australia before speaking to a group of entrepreneurs.
  • In-take Assessment. You get me as your coach helping you with a confidential in-take interview and recommendations on what steps you can take to achieve your goals. We’ll cover what you’re doing now, where you’ve been and where you want to go. This will be in private and just between us to give you maximum benefit
  • Online support materials. You’ll get the audio and video training you can do on your own, You’ll get the PDFs to read and learn the specifics and what you need to do.
  • Live, In-Person 1/2 day after Anarcapulco 2017. We’ll be there together so let’s get together and cover the basics of what you’ll need. This will be our introduction and time to cover a lot of ground for you as you get started. Once you’ve been with me at Anarcapulco 2017 you’ll have a strong grasp of what you can do, how to do it and implement for action.
  • Live Virtual Interactive Presentations. You’ll see hot-off-the-griddle methodologies to help you with technology, marketing and sales. You’ll also be able to “watch between the lines” to formulate ideas on how you can do your own online Virtual Interactive Presentations.
  • Copy of My Book, Klout Matters about Social Media.McGraw-Hill publishing approached Gina, my partner, and me to write a book about social media and how to use it effectively with the tool, Klout (yes, with a “K”). This book will help you know what to do with your work with social media and how to make it work for you.
  • Copy of My Book, Relationship Marketing: It’s NOT about the E-Commerce (Electronics); It’s about the R-Commerce (Relationships). This will help you refresh ideas and give some new concepts on how you can build solid, value-for-value relationships in business. A classic, if I do say so myself!
  • A Post-Program Coaching Session. You’ll get a chance to ask me about anything where you need help. I want to make sure that you gain a lot and achieve your goals as a result of being my this Fund Your Freedom course. When you’ve completed the course we’ll schedule a Zoom video (or other technology) so you and I can talk about your unique situation and what can be done to help you.
Legendary copywriter and expert marketer, Ted Nicholas, who has sold over $9 Billion for his customers.

This is your chance. You know you want to live a life unbundled from the hassle of others bothering you, an unpleasant boss, government hassles, and little income. This is your chance. I can only accept a limited number of people so it is best to hurry.

Your Investment:

This course is available for US$1,000. It is worth over US$2,000 but I want to make it affordable for those who are serious about achieving their success. If you are willing to put forth the TME (Time, Money, Energy) to move to the next level and focus for four weeks on hitting the targets you need, then I am willing to work with you and give it my all to help you achieve your goals.

I wish I would have had a course like this when I was starting out years ago. I had to learn the hard way and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get where I am. I made a lot of mistakes. However, because of my mistakes, I can help you avoid them. The money you spend on this will be like your “college tuition” without all the government hassle. I promise you that what you learn will be practical, relevant to today’s market, and work to help you Fund Your Freedom!


P.S. Ok, I’m going out on a limb now and going to do something extra special. The course is worth US$2,000 or more in the value. I’ve dropped it to US$1,000 to help make it affordable to many who need assistance. However, for those who are attending Anarcapulco 2017, I going to drop it to the bare bones level of $497 for a limited time and for the first 10 people who sign up now. I can’t work with everyone at this low price. However, it will help my brothers and sisters who love liberty and freedom, so I’m doing it now.

I look forward to hearing from you!