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TDV Proffesional Trading Techniques with Tone Vays


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TDV Professional Trading Techniques with Tone Vays

March 2nd and 3rd – $195 Early Bird Special

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Event Description:
In today’s market, hope, luck and long-term valuation models are not an effective strategy for active traders. If you are not a believer in buy and hold, you need to master the skills of other professional traders so that you can compete in this high stakes game. This course will be very practical in teaching you these techniques with continuous reference to real & recent examples that demonstrate the advantages of Technical Analysis. The examples will range all across market types from Stocks, Indices, Commodities (Gold, Oil), FX and even Bitcoin. This event is purposely scheduled during the days the stock markets are open so that live trading can be demonstrated as part of educational process.
Day 1 (Learning):
Intro to trading (Understanding the Risks)
Candlestick Patterns
Moving Averages
Momentum Indicators
— Lunch —
Advanced & Proprietary Indicators
Gaps & Volume
Intro to Options & Futures (Time Permitting)
Evaluating the trading day & prep for next day
Day 2 (Practice):
Pre-Market Preparation Techniques (Optional for those willing to wake up early)
Evaluate market open (Watching)
Day Trading Techniques & Morning Reversals (Live Trading)
–- Very Short Lunch Break—
Swing Trading Techniques (Live Trading) *
Stories of trading success & failures (Optional)
*Trading after 3pm ET is not advisable & if Friday volume drops like a stone at 2pm ET as Traders start their partying…. We will do the same.