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Stem Cells Available at Anarchapulco

stem cells at anarchapulco

In the US alone, a conservative estimate is that  54 million people suffer from arthritis (more here). In 2013, the medical costs associated with arthritis averaged over $2,100. Add another $4,000 in arthritis-attributed wage loss (more here). If you make $60k a year, that’s a 10% loss on top of what you lose through taxation! Rather than spending $6,000 every single year in a process of mitigating symptoms with pharmaceuticals, why not reprogram your own cells to heal the causes of this and other ailments with stem cell therapy? This February, at the Anarchapulco 2020 World Premier Liberty Event, Dr. Matthew Buckley, will be providing attendees the opportunity to do just that through the Anarchapulco Revive Clinic.

stem cells at anarchapulco

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the raw materials that transform into daughter cells. These daughter cells hold the unique ability to proliferate and self-renew or morph into specialized cells such as blood, bone, and even organ cells. Daughter cells are the only type of cell that can generate new types of cells in your body.

Embryonic vs. Adult Stem Cells

Regulators in places like the US and Canada regard stem cells as potentially dangerous and thus subject stem cell research and therapeutic modalities (read more here) to heavy restrictions and regulations. According to the FDA, a concern is that stem cells can grow into inappropriate cell types and tumors. Embryonic stem cells function as generative cells. The reason many cases of embryonic therapies result in tumors and abnormalities lies in their generative nature. Embryonic cells want to become a baby; therefore, the cells keep replicating eventually turning into a tumor.

Adult stem cells act much differently. They act as seekers searching for damaged parts of the body and once found, they begin regeneration. These cells are found in bone marrow, adipose (fat), endometrial tissue, and umbilical cords.

Stem Cell Tourism

stem cell

The contemporary allopathic “fight the symptom” approach found in much of Western medicine incentivizes doctors to prioritize the suppression of symptoms rather than the promotion of true health and wellness. Doctors are encouraged to feed you pills as they receive pharmaceutical kickbacks. Surgeons chasing the highest CPT code reimbursement too callously opt to cut you open. However, stem cell therapy may provide an avenue for the body to heal that is far less invasive and potentially life-altering. Research into such therapies might be the key to a real-world fountain of youth.

Unfortunately, if you live in places like the US and Canada, the only permissible stem cell treatment is blood-forming stem cells (read more here). Many people embark on stem cell tourism holidays to receive the life-changing benefits of the latest advances made in this seemingly miraculous new field of treatment.

Revive Clinic

Dr. Matthew Buckley will be hosting the Revive Clinic from February 10th to the 20th just steps away from the beach during the Anarchapulco 2020 conference. A team of high caliber doctors will be presenting speeches, hosting workshops, and offering stem cell treatments. Again, these are exclusive treatments you can’t find in places like the US. Whether you have a damaged shoulder, a torn ACL, arthritis, or cardiovascular issues, the cost and pain that comes from ignoring these issues will only compound over time. This therapy may be the solution for you and has the potential to help even those who believe they are perfectly healthy! Grab your Anarchapulco tickets here for an opportunity to find out what stem cells can do for you.

When it comes to our health and wellness, we all need unique answers to our individual concerns and circumstances. The all-star lineup of doctors and health practitioners will be readily available to deep dive into all of your questions with you. Come stay at the Princess Hotel and you won’t even have to leave the property.  Private conversations with health and wellness experts, health treatments, and relaxation and contemplation on the beach, it’s all here.

Join in and access the future of health by allowing the body to exercise its incredible ability to heal itself with stem cell technology.

Come find your tribe at Anarchapulco.

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