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Sovereignty Is A Choice: Not Whim, Nor Jurisdiction

sovereignty is a choice

Sovereignty Is A Choice, Not Whim nor Jurisdiction

What Is Sovereignty?

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, Sovereignty has two contradictory definitions:

  1. Supreme power especially over a body politic
  2. Freedom from external control

What we can extrapolate from these definitions is that if someone or some group/corporation/institution has sovereignty over a geographical area, the individuals within that area neither have sovereignty in its former nor latter definitions. This seems more like gangs claiming turf than “sovereignty” in that context. It’s easy to both widen and narrow the scope with such a view on sovereignty; where one is sovereign only insofar as the town they live in allows them. The same town is only as sovereign as the county allows them. And on and on. In such a pyramid, true sovereignty resides only with those at the very top and we are led to pondering the over the adage “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (Who watches the watchers?)

What is Sovereignty Really?

Sovereignty is self-ownership. I am responsible for my actions because I own myself. I own myself because others do not own me and because I am not unowned. Murray Rothbard paved the way for the concept of self-ownership in his The Ethics of Liberty. Larken Rose, a regular speaker at Anarchapulco, dazzles with wit and logic the ethics and beauty of individual sovereignty.

Sovereignty is living in a vessel out on the ocean away from any sort of government. An exciting development in what is called seasteading gives rise to the potential of individual sovereignty. Joe Quirk, of the Seasteading Institute, created the first seastead a little more than 12 miles off the shore of Thailand. The Thai government did not take well to the seasteaders; however, it sets up a precedent. Joe Quirk gave the audience of Anarchapulco 2019 the first-ever viewing of the first seastead.

sovereignty is a choice

Sovereignty is creating a nation based on libertarian principles. Vit Jedlicka founded such a place called the Free Republic of Liberland. Liberland is located in Europe between Croatia and Serbia. Liberland followed all the esoteric canonical rules for what constitutes a state relative to other states and somehow managed to keep it liberty-centric. Vit Jedlicka speaks regularly at Anarchapulco.

Sovereignty is not coercion subsidizing a war machine that blatantly murders innocent people in order to ravage their resources, but sovereignty is choice—voluntarily funding private organizations that offer goods or services that you want.

Sovereignty is not forcing children to attend a slave camp, but sovereignty is helping children make the best decision for themselves in regard to education.

Sovereignty is not forcibly injected chemicals into your body, but sovereignty is deciding what you will put into your body.

sovereignty is a choice

Sovereignty is not forcing you to use paper currency with legal tender laws—where, a private group of people steals your purchasing power by printing the paper into oblivion, but sovereignty is choice—choosing which money serves you best.

Sovereignty is not shooting your dog in a no-knock raid.

Sovereignty is not putting you in a cage for building a website.

Sovereignty is not shackles because of the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, or how you spend your money.

Sovereignty is not force, whim, nor jurisdiction.

Sovereignty is freedom. Liberty. Love. Come to Anarchapulco. Listen to the speakers in the Free Your Family Camp, Cryptopulco, and Main Stage. Agree or disagree with us, but let’s engage and do something.

Sovereignty is responsibility.

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