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(Video) IRS Whistleblower Sherry Peel Jackson Conversation with David Rodriguez

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Sherry Peel Jackson is one of the most courageous women on earth and she will be speaking in February at the world’s premier liberty conference,  Anarchapulco 2020. You’re invited to come meet her!

Find out more about her brave confrontation with the State in our video conversation here:

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In short, Sherry Peel spoke the truth about the IRS and she was put in prison for 3 years. However, she is still speaking about this criminal organization in 2019 and shows no signs of quitting any time soon. Ms. Jackson was featured in the viral documentary, Freedom to Fascism, where she helps expose the IRS as the fraudulent organization that it is. She is accompanied by the courageous producer, Aaron Russo, and other former IRS employees, like Joe Bannister.


As a former IRS employee, she has insights from personal experience that will validate many of the things you have heard about the IRS. Some of these things include the use of intimidation and aggression by the IRS towards peaceful people. In our recent interview, I was able to learn some useful strategies and approaches to dealing with the IRS that I wish I had learned earlier. Despite being kidnapped and put in a cage for 3 years, she is still on the speaking tour to help anyone who will hear her message. Ms. Peel asserts, “You do not have a lawful obligation to pay federal income taxes.” While she isn’t suggesting that anyone should simply stop paying income taxes, she does advocate that we should each do our own research and make the decisions for ourselves.

I was astounded to learn from Ms. Jackson about the 1984 Grace Commission report that concluded that “100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt … all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government.” Did you know that all of our income tax revenue used to pay the Federal Reserve and not for government services? This has been on the public record for over 30 years. Ordinary people, like you and me, didn’t learn these facts in school or college because they are secrets that the IRS tries to keep hidden.

But since we live during the information age, these tactics will not stay secrets. You are born with natural rights to your life, liberty, and property, which include your labor. You are likely working 30-50 hours per week trying to earn a good income for yourself and your family. However, the IRS has fooled you, and millions of others, into believing that we owe them a portion of our income. This is not true.

She will be sharing her message of truth, integrity, and financial strategies to avoid harm from the IRS. Ms. Jackson will help us keep our money and embolden us in our dealings with the IRS, and with more information, you may be able to serve other people in your unique way.

Humanity is facing the ultimate challenge and opportunity of our existence: will we evolve personally and collectively, and take 100% responsibility for our lives and our destiny?

I believe we will, and many of the members of the Anarchapulco community feel the same. We desire freedom and voluntary relationships, both of which begin within ourselves.

EVOLVE is not just our 2020 theme, but it is an earnest attempt to help you realize your innate human potential as we build a voluntary.


Anarchapulco 2020 is building momentum and I believe it will the best freedom event ever.

I truly hope you decide to join us in Acapulco, Mexico from February 10-20 for the entire event, or February 13-16 for the Main Event.

You will have a blast and will meet amazing people as we explore strategies that will empower you to live freer, healthier, and with more power in your personal and professional life.

If you want to connect with other anarchists before you arrive, or just want to join an online community, please join us for the conversation in the private Anarchapulco Facebook Group.


Discounted ticket prices will expire soon. Bring a friend and save. Minors under the age of 18 attend for free.


Peace. Love. Anarchy.


Kind regards,

David Rodriguez


Community Facilitator