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10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children

Reasons to Homeschool

10 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children


Two common reasons why people send their kids to public school is because both parents work during the day and because they believe their children are receiving a decent education (according to who?). Here are 10 reasons to homeschool your children.

reasons to homeschool

1. Interest-Driven Learning

Remember all those amazing classes that catered to our interests in grade school? Me neither. If Sally down the street is interested in designing video games but Joe wants to design cars, and Tammy wants to learn an instrument, why why why must they be subjected to the same stale subjects when they have no interest in them? When a person has a genuine interest in something, it stands to reason that they will pursue it. Why have we been conditioned to think that someone else’s ideas of what children should learn will benefit the many kids out there who think negatively about school? If your child is an aspiring musician, whipping out a guitar and studying modes in different keys will sound like an amazing lesson versus dissecting a bullfrog in biology class. We all have different interests. We should explore what we find interesting.

2. Enhance and Encourage Creativity

While the children are pursuing their interests, parents can ask the right questions to keep their children going. In a large group setting, it’s difficult for an overworked teacher to give individualized attention. Since we all learn in different ways and at different speeds, it’s difficult to justify the one-size-fits-all approach. Where some will be challenged, others will be bored. Boredom absolutely kills creativity. By maintaining individualized attention, a parent can adjust what their child is learning to suit their capacity. Even Bill Gates endorsed this approach. The most personalized attention your children can receive comes from homeschool.

3. Provides the Foundation for Life-Long Learning

School is meant to be a place of learning. The association is there: school = learning. Parents can more easily augment the association to be: life = learning. Schools tried to address this by giving students “homework,” but homework tends to resemble busy work. One of the best reasons to homeschool is that you’re teaching them that learning doesn’t require a classroom and the thirty minutes before the first period to bang out that history paper they forgot to write. They can understand that life is the classroom.

4. Better Diet

Another reason to homeschool is the fact that school cafeterias don’t have a fantastic reputation for serving healthy food. You can serve home-cooked meals of the food they actually like instead of somebody else’s version of what ALL the kids would enjoy. Your children can eat when they’re hungry, instead of when they’re told they may eat.

5. Better Sleep

When your children wake up naturally, they’ll be better rested which means better focus and more energy. If they’re interested in what they’re learning, waking up for learning won’t be the mad groggy rush in the morning that so many people experience.

6. Being Closer to Your Children

It’s incredible how our culture normalizes these objectively radical ideas such as the mandatory brick and mortar public schools. By helping children educate themselves, parents actively participate in their children’s growth. Does it not sound strange that somebody posed the idea that parents should be removed from their children while they are in their formative years for 40 hours a week? Not to mention that they’re in the custody of strangers. Watching your children grow and apply what you helped them learn will, of course, strengthen your bond with them.

reasons to homeschool

7. Learning with Your Children

One of the beautiful reasons to homeschool is the fact that not only do children need to learn but we all do. Kids tend to ask the questions we’ve been conditioned to neglect such as: “What is money?” Teaching your children is a fantastic opportunity and a reason to homeschool yourself.

8. Interaction with Other Age Groups

The bulk of your children’s interaction will be with other kids around the same age because they’re organized that way while stuck sitting in a classroom. Out in the real world, people at work aren’t grouped together by their age. The implicit message given to a precocious child is that we’re supposed to organize ourselves according to arbitrary details that we have no control over such as age. People also don’t have control over the color of their eyes or how tall they are; nevertheless, the absurdity seems apparent. The steel man justification for grouping kids by their age seems to be that their cognitive development (according to how the powers-that-should-not-be standardized test them, anyway) will be closer thus making it more likely that the children absorb the information taught at a similar rate. This does not justify robbing children of their time where they can interact and learn from older children.

9. Happier Children, Happier Parents

When your children are learning based on their interests, their creativity is cultivated. When they have a foundation for being life-long learners and enjoy a healthy diet and time to sleep, they will be happier. Their happiness is infectious and as parents, you’ll be able to share in it because they’re your amazing, beautiful children.

10. Creates a More Peaceful World

When homeschooling children, they are relieved of following the authoritative hierarchical model of master-slave obedience. “Sit in your seat.” “Be quiet.” “Do as you’re told.” These behaviors condition children to obey and not ask questions. By ridding these children of such abuse, parents can instead teach their children to have partnerships as opposed to authoritative relationships. The more children learn to engage in relationships based on mutual respect, the more peaceful the world will be. Yielding power over others is learned. Unfortunately, it’s taught in most public schools. That alone is enough reason to homeschool.

reasons to homeschool

To further educate yourselves with homeschooling, there are myriad resources to use to help parents homeschool their kids such as the Ron Paul Curriculum, Khan Academy, and the Free Your Family Camp Stage at Anarchapulco. Dayna Martin, a past speaker at Anarchapulco‘s Main Stage, is a heavyweight activist in homeschooling, or unschooling, as she calls it. Her book, Radical Unschooling, inspired many others to stop unwittingly abusing their children. Get your tickets for Anarchapulco here and let’s all learn together how to be better parents and peaceful people.

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