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(video) Pyasa Neko Siff and the Impact of Circumcision

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Pyasa Neko Siff and the Impact of Circumcision

A newborn boy cannot consent to a major, yet unnecessary surgical procedure that will affect him for the rest of his life. Yet it is common practice to impose upon children the consequences of what is commonly a decision made in ignorance. However, your doctor should understand the consequences, and any medical professional engaging in the process of circumcising baby boys is engaging in an egregious act of child abuse says Pyasa Neko Siff.

According to Healthline, the three main methods of circumcision are the Gomco clamp, Plastibell device, and the Mogen clamp. What’s disturbing is that so many, many people conversed, planned, and experimented with these different methodologies of genital mutilation and somehow made it the default for a nation. Circumcision of children’s genitals happens one to two days after they are born. The trauma experienced in this barbaric ritual, unfortunately, lies dormant in both the child’s unconscious mind and within the genitals on a cellular level, she says. Furthermore, she argues that these victims will grow into adulthood never knowing the full spectrum of sensations and pleasure that was stolen from him. The impact of circumcision runs incredibly deep.

The history behind circumcision should also sound some alarms. Many theorize that genital mutilation occurred throughout much of history as a religious sacrifice. In the 19th century, many realized and understood the obvious harm which can be seen in the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica published in 1876. In this edition, according to circinfo.com, circumcision is referred to thusly: “…like other bodily mutilations…[it is] of the nature of a representation sacrifice.”

In 1910, however, the Encyclopedia Britannica took a different view of  circumcision, writing “This surgical operation, which is commonly prescribed for purely medical reasons, is also an initiation or religious ceremony among Jews and Muslims.”

Purely medical reasons? The most common justifications for gashing a baby boy’s genitals are cleanliness, religion, and aesthetics. Imagine you witnessed a CULTure where a person in a butcher’s apron grabbed a stainless steel blade to cut off the right eyelid of every mother’s third-born child. This CULTure responds that eyes get dirty behind the skin and this helps keep it clean. Or, it’s part of our doctrine. Or, they look better that way. Absurd. Yet, these are the same justifications for strapping tiny babies to tables and slashing away at their penises.

Jeff Berwick recently interviewed somatic sexologist and intimacy coach Pyasa Neko Siff on Anarchast and performed a deep dive on this disgusting practice.

Pyasa is also a ceremonialist, Interdisciplinary Pelvic specialist, author, and is in the process of creating a documentary in order to show the effects of circumcision-based trauma. This documentary hopes to offer a new perspective to those who maybe never thought much about circumcision. While it’s imperative to show the brutality for what it is, finding solutions to those already inflicted with this trauma is also necessary, and a focus for Pyasa.

Pyasa has a wealth of knowledge in regard to physically healing (with restoration and regeneration of foreskin) as well as spiritual healing (with the conception vessel meridian in Chinese medicine). Pyasa will be presenting on the Anarchawaken Stage at Anarchapulco. If you’ve been circumcised, you won’t want to miss Pyasa’s presentation.

Come unlock your sexuality from social conditioning. Acknowledge your hidden traumas and learn to release them. Pyasa and many other healers will be at Anarchapulco.

Be proud of your body and your sexuality.

Find your healing.

Find your freedom.

Find your tribe.