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Online Homeschool Resources At Your Fingertips!

online homeschool

Online Homeschool Resources At Your Fingertips!

Homeschooling has come a long way since the early days of US history. What we refer to as homeschooling today was then called “domestic education” and promoted strength in the family, and even more so, in religion. With limitations on the accessibility to local libraries and lesson plans, study generally revolved around the bible. Bible studies taught reading, piety, and morals, but lacked career-based lessons. Tutoring was available, of course, but being able to take advantage of that luxury was reliant upon one’s proximity to a city, and the ability of the family to afford those lessons. Fast forward to today; we have seemingly limitless resources on the internet. But not all of these resources are created equal and choosing can be overwhelming for homeschooling parents. What are the best online homeschool resources? Here we highlight four popular and powerful online homeschooling tools.

online homeschool


The Ron Paul Curriculum

“We cannot expect a federal government controlled school system to provide the intellectual ammunition to combat the dangerous growth of government that threatens our liberties”

-Ron Paul

Ron Paul waited patiently to unveil his curriculum while in congress, sitting on what was has been called a revolutionary learning method for liberty lovers. Upon unveiling, it was immediately regarded by the homeschooling community as “a blessing.” There was some initial hesitation from non-political parents who worried that a curriculum coming from a politician would have a hidden political agenda, but that wasn’t the case. Instead of being pro-politics, the courses inspire the learner to be pro-enterprise instead. This method of homeschooling doesn’t drill common core subjects into the student. It encourages individual core courses selected by learners based on their interests and needs. The Ron Paul curriculum was created with the efforts of Tom Woods, known for his website The Liberty Homeschooler, and for his informational podcasts. These lesson plans teach and promote practical knowledge and analytical thinking and we believe these are essential for a free society.

Every day is alive on RonPaulcurriculum.com, with messages from Ron Paul himself. He answers questions and gives motivation to students and parents alike. This is one feature that makes this curriculum stand out head and shoulders above other options on the market today. You will have access to one of the greatest promoters of liberty in our time. Price-wise, it’s very affordable costing about $500 per year (considerable savings relative to the estimated cost of $9,500 governments pay per student to provide public education!) The fee structure consists of a base yearly fee of $250 per family no matter how many children, plus $50 per course. Come to Anarchapulco 2020 to hear Ron Paul talk live next February!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been focused on providing free education for all people who would like to learn regardless of age or financial situation. Their curriculum approach is self-directed and will allow your child to adventure into whatever topic fits their mood or sparks their interest at any given moment. Khan Academy has a very heavy focus on math skills, but also provides career-oriented lessons, history, and college test prep courses. The question and answers aren’t cut and dry like a conventional school set-up, but rather promote analytical thinking. The site provides great video lessons, exercises, and even testing. Videos can be watched over and over again, and at a pace, that is suitable for each individual child. This approach helps your child to build self-esteem and encourages learning. Children and parents can choose “missions” as opposed to lessons and are awarded fun badges for progress which keeps them engaged and focused on collecting all of the fun badges.

Khan Academy provides excellent resources for homeschooling parents as well. By selecting the “Parent Resources” option, you’ll gain access to powerful tracking tools that will aid you in guiding your child’s learning. These tools include incredibly handy progress reports on your child’s performance and tips on how to provide encouragement. Many parents have shared heart touching stories of bullied kids who have struggled in conventional public school but turned around to flourish in the Khan Academy environment. “Math is alive and not boring anymore for my son,” one mother stated. What’s even more exciting about Khan Academy is that it is 100% non-profit and offers all of its courses and resources for absolutely free. This website has become a go-to online homeschool staple since its introduction and continues to grow with new courses being added almost monthly.

Duo Lingo

How many times have you sat in traffic, waited for coffee at a coffee shop, or sat on the toilet, wasting your time scrolling through Facebook posts or playing Candy Crush? Why waste time with those mindless games when you can devote the same amount of time and end up learning a new language instead? Duo Lingo can provide you and your child that opportunity! Duo Lingo offers a fun, challenging approach towards learning a new language utilizing interactive games spanning over almost 50 languages. By creating a Duo Lingo account for your child, you will immerse them into a new exciting language and introduce new cultures.

Upon selecting a language, you are prompted to select why you’re learning a language and then set a time that you’re willing to devote towards learning a new language per day. Every child is different. That’s okay! Duo Lingo allows your child to set his own goals and provides encouragement to aid your child in meeting those goals.  Learning happens at its very own pace. Duo Lingo is free, so you won’t feel pressured to rush your child through the program to get your money’s worth out of a monthly subscription. Even the Anarchapulco staff has been utilizing the Duo Lingo app to learn Spanish in anticipation of Anarchapulco 2020! Join our DuoLingo Group, here.


Created by language experts, Muzzy has offered foreign language instruction since 1986. The Muzzy course is incredibly captivating to younger audiences, targeting children in their most formative window of learning opportunity. What makes Muzzy different from other game-centric foreign language programs it that it is accessible to children whether or not they are readers. The point is made that children gain the ability to talk years before they’re able to read or write, so why should they wait until they’re reading and writing to start speaking a foreign language. Adorable characters go on adventures in short films centering around a blue extraterrestrial named Muzzy, which can be watched at whatever pace your child learns. That big alien will become an integral part of your online homeschool ritual!

Parents can sing along to the catchy tunes and print activities to supplement the videos provided through Muzzy. Although Muzzy isn’t free, the cost is very affordable and able to be utilized for years to come. The science behind this program has stood the test of time and has successfully taught thousands of children foreign languages, an incredibly helpful skill for future career placement. One parent applauded the course, stating that they themselves had learned french as a child through Muzzy in the early ’90s, and expressed being thrilled to share this resource with their own children. Time doesn’t lie, neither do the success stories found here.

Once you’ve gotten your online homeschool needs taken care of on the internet, click over to the Anarchapulco page and check out the Family Camp stage and all of the exciting events it has to offer. Remember, tickets for children are FREE with adult ticket purchase. Don’t hesitate to bring the little ones and let them dip their toes into the anarchy-driven freedom-loving pool while getting an opportunity to flex those linguistic muscles.

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