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Official Launch of Anarchapulco 2017 Website and Video


Official Launch of Anarchapulco 2017 Website and Video

We’ve been working hard all summer to create a website and video that encapsulates all that Anarchapulco 2017 will be… and it’s just gone live!
We announced Anarchapulco 2017 on “Independence Day”, saying anarchy is the real independence.  And now we’ve launched the official site and video on the Marxist inspired, “Labor Day” to poke fun of the concept.
But we have put a lot of “labor” into creating the biggest freedom event in history!
We’ve expanded Anarchapulco to a full 4 days with two stages to fit in the dozens of amazing speakers we’ve brought in for the biggest Anarchapulco yet… plus days of special events before and after.
And we’ve upgraded to the best hotel in Acapulco, Mundo Imperial Resort and Convention Center (at an amazingly discounted price) to be able to handle the world’s largest anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist conference!  Complete with an outdoor world-class amphitheater for Eric July and Backwordz, plus other artists to be announced.
This is going to be an event unlike anything anyone has ever seen.
To see what we mean, check out our launch video here:

And check out our new website with much more information and early bird special priced tickets if you book now!
You can see it at http://anarchapulco.com.
We’ll be adding new speakers and events weekly now, so stay tuned to our mailing list at anarchapulco.com or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/anarchapulco.
The dates will be February 25-28, 2017 and we’ll look forward to the ancap/voluntaryist world descending onto the beach here in Anarchapulco, Mexico!

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