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Merry Anarchy from Anarchapulco!


Merry Anarchy from Anarchapulco!


It’s the Christmas season and while many of us enjoyed it on the beach in Acapulco in 85F sunny weather it didn’t stop numerous Anarchapulco speakers from doing an Anarchist Christmas song.
You can see the 12 Days of Anarchist Christmas here:

Some of the people in the video who will be at Anarchapulco 2017 include: Luis Fernando Mises, Jeffrey Tucker, Jeff Berwick, Macey Tomlin, Dayna Martin & family, Nathan Freeman & family w/ Erika Harris and Juan Galt, Eric July, Roger Ver, Dan Dicks  and Adam Kokesh.
We hope this brings you a little anarchist cheer this Christmas and we’ll look forward to many of you joining us down here in Acapulco this coming February 25-28th at the 5-star Mundo Imperial Resort & Expo.
You can find out more and register at http://anarchapulco.com, including our vast line-up of additional workshops and seminars.

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