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Marc Victor, the Saul Goodman of Anarchist Lawyers Confirmed for Anarchapulco!


We jest, somewhat, in comparing Marc Victor to the “Better Call Saul” from Breaking Bad fame. However, if you are an anarchist and ever get kidnapped by “law enforcement” in the US, you’d be best to remember his name… in that situation, we’d recommend, “You Better Call Marc!”.

Marc is a heroic opposer to the police state and will adamantly defend anyone accused of a victimless crime with passion that is rarely seen except in Hollywood movies.

He even has a fridge magnet and tells people to adhere it to the bottom of their fridge. For, if you live in the USSA, at some point, it is quite likely you will get no knock raided by the stasi and face down on the floor and just before they taser you, look up under your fridge and say, “Better Call Marc”!

All joking aside, however, Marc is a champion of freedom in the US. He has defended some of the biggest cases of people who have done nothing to no one, like a man who wanted to “express” his right, under the now dead US constitution, to carry a gun into the Phoenix airport.

Marc, in our book, is a superhero in the statist legal system.

But, more than that, he is also an incredibly eloquent and passionate speaker on the topic of liberty and exposing the police state in the US.

He gave one of the best speeches we have ever heard at anarcho-capitalist, Doug Casey’s conference, and we are embedding it here to give you just a flavor for him with his speech, “Are We A Police State?”.

Keep in mind that, sadly, Casey Research’s audience aren’t all morally sound anarchists… many of them are demonic and deluded statists, so Marc toned it down. He won’t need to do that on the beach at Anarchapulco.

He’s also been on Anarchast and here was our excellent conversation here.

If you watch his speech at the Casey Conference or his appearance on Anarchast you will see why we are delighted to have him at Anarchapulco.

We now have over 40 speakers and artists and bear with us because we will be announcing new speakers and artists almost every day for the next few weeks as what began as a trickle is quickly becoming a flood of anarchists making their way to Anarchapulco at the end of February.

At this point the conference has already exceeded our expectations dramatically and it will be sold out due to space constraints in the next few weeks.

So, if you want to be a part of an epic event, visit us soon at Anarchapulco.com to make yourself a part of a historic event.


Jeff Berwick
Chief Freedom Officer (CFO)