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Living the Change With Luke Rudkowski

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Living the Change With Luke Rudkowski


We are excited to announce that Luke Rudkowski is back with Change Media University 2.0 – LIVING THE CHANGE. Don’t miss his workshop February 18, 2019 at Anarchapulco! Get more info below and reserve your spot quick. Tickets are on sale now!

“Travel hacking, changing the world, doing what you love, living a happy and fulfilled life are all the things I do NOT guarantee for you! BUT, it’s something I have my self and want to share how I got it plus give you a couple tricks on how to get it.” – Luke Rudkowski, WeAreChange.org

Pioneer in independent media and activism since 2006 Luke Rudkowski continues to free minds around the world through information and action. An adventurous travel hacker using a shoestring budget, he has traveled the world in pursuit of forbidden information, often in the face of danger. He has also traveled to some of the most stunning places on the planet, many of which are popular expat areas. Throughout the years Luke has built relationships throughout the crypto and alternative media by doing groundbreaking investigative journalism, advocating cryptocurrency since 2012, and continuing to be a prominent anti-war voice. A man who believes there is too much government, too many taxes and not enough freedom, Luke has fearlessly confronted establishment politicians, policymakers, oligarchs, and mainstream media puppets alike while being endorsed by numerous celebrities and experts. You can always find Luke in the middle of large-scale events all around the world giving you a non-partisan perspective of the madness.


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