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Live Stream Ticket Prices To Go Up


If you are unable to attend Anarchapulco, you can join our TDV (The Dollar Vigilante) and Main Stages LIVE from the comfort of your living room, wearing your PJs in bed, or even *ahem* on the pot (where I know you watch most of your youtube videos)!  

That’s right, Anarchapulco offers the option to tune in digitally through our live stream!

If this is something that interests you, act now because the prices are going up on January 15th. 

We have a live stream ticket for the Dollar Vigilante Stage ($445), the Main Stage ($445), and a combo deal ($797) so you can tune into both at a discounted rate. 

live stream

If you want to have access to the videos from ALL stages after the event, that is a separate ticket that can also be purchased on our ticket page after Feb 20th, 2020.  

If you are an existing ticket holder you can get access to the video package at a deep discount if you BUY NOW! Anarchapulco stages (with a ticket, $199), The Dollar Vigilante (with a ticket, $199) or combo Anarchapulco / TDV (with tickets, $299).

tdv live stream

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