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Life Unchained: What to Expect at Anarchapulco



Life Unchained: What To Expect at Anarchapulco


Dayna Martin, author, speaker, and Anarchapulo Community Producer, will be providing weekly updates on what to expect in February.

Hello, Anarchapulco Tribe!

Wow! Time is flying by as we solidify the details for Anarchapulco 2019. Taking on this role of Community Producer has been such a life-changing experience for me. I remember vividly being on the plane with my daughter, on our way to Mexico for the first time to attend Anarchapulco 2015, wondering what we were about to experience. I had never met any anarchists in real life. I had no idea what to expect entering the hotel. Would everyone be dressed in black like the cultural stereotype? Would I be seen as a new-age-hippie? Would I be accepted into this community of radical people, or would I even want to be?

Little did I know that what I was about to be part of would change me forever. Over the course of the four days that I was at Anarchapulco, I connected with so many compassionate and intelligent people. I was introduced to a philosophy that put peace, love and freedom into practice in ways that were new and inspiring to me. The evolution of my consciousness has continued every year that I have attended and being a speaker has become more and more of an honor as Anarchapulco has grown.

I believe in the power of this event. So many people are waking up to realize how unfree they truly are. Once a person sees that they’ve been conditioned and manipulated their entire lives, they begin longing for the chains to be removed. They search for tools to release themselves from the mental prison that we’ve been forced to live for so long. Personal evolution looks differently to everyone but what I’ve noticed consistently is that once the chains are removed in one area of a person’s life it isn’t long before they are searching for ways to remove them in every other area. Evolution of consciousness is our human destiny. Through attending Anarchapulco, the tools for speeding up and supporting this natural process will be offered in such unique, creative and positives ways for this upcoming year.

The Anarchapulco team has come together and set some powerful intentions for 2019! Our theme, “Life Unchained” will be the focus of our presentations, experiences and opportunities available to our attendees. We have bought out the entire Princess Mundo Imperial. This means that every inch of the resort will be ours to bring you the most potent experience possible.


Here are just a few highlights to expect:


Cryptopulco, our crypto-anarchy portion of the conference, with an incredible line-up of speakers and influencers.


A new addition this year is the Unchain Your Family Camp, which will be in an area of the hotel with five rooms designed to educate and inspire about peaceful parenting, Unschooling and children’s rights. There will be a computer lab, craft area, games and a dress-up room for children to play and connect with other free kids. We are even having a Young Entrepreneurs Fair where children can sell their goods or services. (They may even accept crypto!)

We are excited to announce the return of the Health & Wellness Center, where you will have the opportunity to connect with incredible professionals on the topics of alternative treatments, yoga, tantra, healing and indigenous medicines, to name a few.   We are looking to have a fully operational clinic that also offers a dynamic range of alternative services which you will be able to book at a separate charge.

All of these offerings will be included in the ticket price, instead of it being a separate cost as it was last year. Each of our tracks will be running concurrent this year, over the course of the four days of Anarchapulco 2019.


Lastly, The Dollar Vigilante Internationalization & Investment Summit will be two days this year on the front end of Anarchapulco (February 12 & 13th).  This is a seperate ticketed event.

Building community through creativity, music, empowering experiences and connection is such an important focus for us. Unchaining our community from every area of their lives is the foundation of our collective desire in which we hope the future of humanity is built upon.


From unchaining our lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to healing from conditioning by institutions intended to fear us into dependance on the state, “Life Unchained” is not only our theme, but it is also our hope that Anarchapulco 2019 will launch an awakening of free-thinkers, evolutionaries, liberty-lovers and wayseerers worldwide that will promote freedom, peace and compassion in ways that will change the course of human history. It may be a lofty goal, but we believe in the power of the anarchist community and we believe in YOU!

Only 3,000 people will have the opportunity to be part of this momentous event this February, that is sure to precede a global shift of consciousness. As a diverse community, we are  releasing the chains that hold us back as pioneers on this path of awakening. We are faced with so much opposition in a culture trying to keep us quiet in our desire for compassion, freedom and peace, but our voice is only becoming stronger as we help one another break the chains that keep us imprisoned.

Anarchapulco 2019 will be a container for the thought leaders of the world to come together and co-create a community paradigm of partnership that the world has never seen before.


For all planning to attend and those who are fortunate enough to purchase the few remaining tickets, we are looking so forward to seeing you this February. The countdown is on!


Peace, Love and Anarchy,

Dayna Martin, Community Producer
And The Anarchapulco Team

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