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(video) Jeffrey Tucker and the 21st Century Awakening

Jeffrey Tucker

The March of Statism onto the Field of Our New Awakening

The march continues, advancing the abysmal ideas of the 20th century into the 21st. What happened in the 20th century? Esteemed author and Editorial Director of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), Jeffrey Tucker contends that relatively limited government matured into an institution unbound by limitations. The restrictions on government were upended and became constraints upon the people. We’re living through a similitude with the century past as expansion of government power continues apace. Yet, it is being met with the resistance of a new cultural awakening!

Anarchapulco: Life Unchained

Last year at Anarchapulco: Life Unchained, former student of Murray Rothbard and contributor of copious volumes of literature, Jeff Tucker waxed eloquently about the age of laissez-faire which began around 1810 and birthed what many historians call the Belle Époche or the Beautiful Age. Technological innovations erupted and changed the landscape of society and its norms. Information could now travel almost instantaneously by voice with the invention of the telephone making the telegram obsolete and inefficient. Buildings soared to the sky from the commercialization of steel. Advances in electricity illuminated homes with the incandescent light bulb. This was the age of Thomas Edison. Young Albert Einstein. Nikola Tesla. Imaginings of flying through the sky became reality.

He lamented the transition from the Beautiful Age to the 20th century, an epoch dominated by central banking economic manipulation, loss of individual liberty, and perpetual war. Further, Tucker explored the causal relationship between economic freedom and Liberalism—though not the contemporary “progressive” liberalism. Rather, he highlighted the classical liberalism that pays homage to the unadulterated and historical definition of the word whose derivation is from the Latin liber meaning free—the basis of human rights. And in true Jeff Tucker fashion, he left the Anarchapulco community in a crescendo of hope and inspiration to take forth out into the world in support of this 21st century revolutionary awakening.

Jeffrey Tucker Returns to Anarchapulco 202o: ∃VOLVE

In February, Jeffrey Tucker will return to the stage and we have no doubt that he’ll be sharing an uplifting view of the future. We are all evolving together, and that’s something to feel good about. Join Jeff and the Anarchapulco community on the stunning beaches of Acapulco, as we learn, discuss and grow in what we expect will be the century of change. The century of our evolution. The century of freedom.

Wake up with us at Anarchapulco 2020.