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(video) Escape the Mind Control – A Conversation with James True

James True

James True is a conscious man on a mission. Check out our interview here:

We had a great talk about freedom, sovereignty, intentions, and mind control.
Mr. True wants to help humanity break free from the spell that is the State.

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James True’s book, The Blueprint of Mind Control, lays out the system of mind control we are being subjected to and he shares how we can escape it as we discover the true strength inside of all of us. He talks about how we live under a system that is controlling our thoughts and that we must unlearn what we have learned in America. The awakening process is painful, he says. However, once you recognize the system of control, you will be able to see it more clearly whenever it occurs for you. No longer will it be the invisible Predator. It takes a special eye, but eventually, it becomes 2nd nature to see this threat to humanity. He was able to step out of it and now says he is a free man. You can be too.

james true

You can get more acquainted with Mr. True’s views on his YouTube channel “James True”, as well as his iTunes podcast, and his website JTrue.com. You can also connect with James True in our Anarchapulco community on Facebook group!

In February at the Anarchapulco 2020 conference, he will share information that will empower our entire audience. Be sure to get your tickets to the world’s premier liberty & Anarchy conference at Anarchapulco.com before tickets sell out.

Peace, love, and anarchy,
David Rodriguez
Community Facilitator