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Intentional Community: How Free People Thrive Without Force



Intentional Community: How Free People Thrive Without Force


For those of us attending Anarchapulco 2019, connecting with our tribe and feeling the richness of living in an anarchist community is a such a valuable experience. Not only will we catch a glimpse into what is possible for the future, we’ll also feel encouraged to bring a little anarchy home with us. Some have said that our desires as anarchists are too idealistic and impossible to be applied to real life. We are here to share that what others declare to be “utopian” and “unrealistic” in theory is not only achievable, but it will be fully experienced in powerful ways this year for those who want it.

In a true consensual society, we support one another’s learning and growth. The most natural dynamic between humans in an intentional community is to sometimes be mentors and sometimes be students to help one another reach our full potential and expand in ways that we uniquely desire on our personal paths as individuals. When a member of a community has specialized knowledge and passion for something it is infectious and exciting to learn from them! Our team is harnessing this passion and bringing together the most passionate individuals to share their knowledge about UnChaining every aspect of our lives!

Passion is the driving force of inspiration for us in what we are planning this year. We realize the importance of the “Unchain Your Family Camp” for future generations to live freedom and peace in ways that will be used as a model to help shift the world. We understand the responsibility of our “Philosophy Center” to share with those new to the philosophy what Anarchy or Voluntarism is all about. The earnest intent of our team is to bring this vision into physical form. I have been brought to tears more times than I can count in the planning of Anarchapulco 2019. Just last night I was on a video chat with David Rodriguez, who is part of our team, we both teared up talking about how powerful this work is and how you all play such an important role in the co-creation of it. Your presence at this event is bigger than you may realize and the gratitude that we all have for your support and excitement is real.

I have had a desire for what we are putting together for all of you for years! To have the canvas to create a physical space of what I’ve been promoting for almost two decades in how to facilitate learning and personal growth, is like a dream come true for me. The heart of my work as an Unschooling and peaceful parenting advocate has always been to bring awareness to others about how humans learn without force, coercion or manipulation. The entire premise of forced learning is flawed and damaging. It is only through internal motivation, compassion, and respect that we can truly learn and grow in the ways that we are meant to as human beings.

Where no one is being forced to attend Anarchapulco, it is safe to assume that there will not be one person coming away from the event who hasn’t learned something. The array of tools for growth that we are offering at Anarchapulco is being cultivated in ways that will honor the individual learner. We know that out of 3,000 people, we need to cater and respect the diversity in how you all learn and desire to experience the event. With lectures and formal presentations to deep discussions, creative experiences of art and music and outlets for celebration, curiosity and even rage, we are offering you a forum to express yourself and be heard in your own unique voice for peace, love and freedom.


Your passion is part of our creation for Anarchapulco 2019!


Peace, Love and Anarchy,

Dayna Martin, Community Producer
& The Anarchapulco Team

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