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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hotel and Lodging Options For Anarchapulco 2018!



IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hotel and Lodging Options For Anarchapulco 2018!



As you likely know, not only is the main Anarchapulco conference sold out, but the 1,000 room Princess Hotel where the conference is being held is sold out on the weekend also.

There may be some rooms available in the days before and the first days of the conference, but the hotel is completely sold out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So, if you haven’t booked your hotel yet, here are some alternatives close by…

First is the Mundo Imperial Resort, where the conference was held last year. And, you can use THIS LINK to book your room there! Prices start at $109 USD (state theft included). Please note that if you stay at the Resort, you will need to check out on February 18th.

Second is the Mayan Palace Golf Resort. It’s a little closer to the Princess, about 5 minutes by car, 20-30 minutes if you want to walk down the beach and has an amazing brunch buffet! However, booking there is slightly more complicated as you must do it by phone or by email using the group code: ANARCHAPULCO.

You can find more info on Mundo & The Mayan at https://anarchapulco.com/the-hotel/.

There are also lots of smaller hotels in the area and even if you stay in Acapulco Bay hotels like The Grand where Anarchapulco was held in 2016, there is a new tunnel from the bay to the Diamante side where Anarchapulco is held this year which cuts down travel time dramatically. Without traffic (which is rare) you can go from The Grand Hotel to the Princess in about 15 minutes for about 150-200 pesos ($7-10).

If you end up staying at places like the Mundo or Mayan you’ll be in rich company. Hundreds of people who didn’t book at the Princess will be staying at those hotels as well.

Most of the Diamante hotels will be full of anarchists.  And, likely not a window will get broken… unless someone gets too drunk and walks through a plate glass window.

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