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How To Get To Anarchapulco!

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There are a multitude of ways to get to Acapulco including by plane, bus, automobile and boat. Below we lay out the details of each option.

Take a plane…

In February and March there are a number of direct flights to Acapulco, the majority of them are “charter” airlines which often include both airfare and hotel for a bargain price. Keep in mind most of these services do not advertise directly on sites like Expedia.com.

The one regularly scheduled daily flight direct to Acapulco from the US is from Houston via United Airlines.

Charter flights from Toronto and Montreal direct to Acapulco are operated by Air Transat. *Note that they often don’t advertise these well in advance and you often have to call to find out details.

Another option is to drive or fly to San Diego. From there, Volaris offers a shuttle bus to Tijuana airport which has daily direct flights to Acapulco

For many, the easiest way to fly to Acapulco would be to connect through Mexico City, it’s just a 35 minute flight from there to Acapulco. Flights depart nearly every hour and are operated by Aeromexico, Aeromar and Interjet.

As an economical alternative you can take any flight to Mexico City and be able to get to Acapulco by bus from there. For only $30 USD you can get an air-conditioned VIP Bus ride, featuring individual passenger screens showing movies and entertainment, while also being able to enjoy the views as you cruise from Mexico City to Acapulco. Buses leave every 15 minutes from the main bus station and take an average of 4 to 5 hours to reach your destination. More information can be found HERE (Please note that the site is in Spanish only). You can also take a safe taxi right from the airport with minimum hassle.

You can also check out this video on our YouTube channel showing how to get the bus.

…or choose an alternative option!

For those who like backpacking or traveling by car, there’s a trailer park by the beach which can accommodate your motorhome or even a tent. For more information visit their site HERE. Please note that this is around 45 minutes from the event and a bit far from the center of the town.

There are also cheap hostels in Acapulco (coming soon) with low rates excellent for backpackers and within walking distance of Anarchapulco.

For boaters, Club de Yates is expensive but has excellent services or you can anchor for free in Puerto Marquez.

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