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4 World Changing Government Whistleblowers

government whistleblowers

Courageous Government Whistleblowers

The total list of government whistleblowers extends way past the threshold that allowed credence to the argument of unethical governmental practices occurring “because of a few bad apples.” Government whistleblowers publicize the atrocities of these bad apples; furthermore, whistleblowers show that these bad apples putrefy not as anomalous, nature-defying cells but because of the statist nature of the tree from whence they sprout.

government whistleblowers

Here we recognize truly courageous government whistleblowers:

Sherry Peel Jackson

Sherry Peel Jackson worked as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and IRS agent. Jackson responded to the USA Today! ad in which Bill Conklin offered $50,000 to anyone who could identify the section in the Internal Revenue Code where it states that a typical worker is liable for the income tax. Sherry Peel Jackson became an activist and entrepreneur shortly thereafter educating people on how the IRS is a scam, the IRS’s fraudulent and pernicious practices, and the IRS’s connection with the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal not does it have reserves). Jackson describes the Federal Reserve best: “[the Fed] is a non-auditable, private banking cartel…” Jackson also took part in the 2002 Truth-in-Taxation hearings in Washington, D.C. where members created a list of 537 questions for the IRS to answer. After signing off on the hearings, the IRS and DOJ decided not to show up (I wonder why). Her activism led to the US Federal Government forcibly throwing her in a cage for four years because she did not file a few tax returns. Sherry Peel Jackson appears in Aaron Russo’s informative documentary America: Freedom to Fascism.


Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning, born Bradley Manning, was a soldier for the U.S. Army. As an intelligence analyst, she blew the whistle and leaked video evidence on the inhumane Baghdad airstrike entitled Collateral Murder. The murders carried out by the U.S. apache helicopters were only made worse by the indifferent commentary and even callous laughter that took place as the US military fired upon and murdered civilians and journalists. Chelsea also leaked the sensational Iraq War Logs, Afghan War Diary, and Cablegate documents. Chelsea Manning was arrested and charged for twenty-two different “crimes.” She was released from prison in 2017; however, she was arrested and caged two times thereafter because of her refusal to testify against Julian Assange. Judge Anthony Trenga has ruled that if Manning doesn’t testify, she will be charged a $500 fine for each day after thirty days and a steeper $1,000 a day fine after sixty days. The “land of the free, home of the brave” United States of America is openly coercing Chelsea Manning with utterly oppressive, draconian methods of torture. Chelsea Manning’s staunch defiance against the tyrants of the state sets forth a powerful example. Manning’s courageous whistleblowing will be remembered and revered.


Julian Assange

Julian Assange created WikiLeaks which serves as a platform for journalists and whistleblowers to anonymously publish sensitive, truthful information. Since Assange founded WikiLeaks, the sheer amount of whistleblowers contributing to their mission of publishing classified information regarding war and political corruption is incredible. Even more incredible than the amount of information published is their perfect record. Not one single publication of their ten-plus million has been provably false. Assange assisted in bringing Chelsea Manning’s well-known U.S. Government-damning information and videos to the public, as well as the release of the infamous Hillary Clinton emails, information on the innocent prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, and countless more. Julian Assange created the biggest library of cataloged government crimes the world has ever seen.


government whistleblowers


Edward Snowden

When you hear the term whistleblower, Edward Snowden immediately comes to mind. Snowden’s job as an intelligence contractor for the National Security Agency gave him top-secret access to the surveillance programs implemented by the NSA. Snowden took medical leave and flew to Hong Kong where he met with journalists from The Guardian. Snowden disclosed the court order for Verizon to release their metadata on both phone numbers dialed and their duration. Snowden also leaked information on PRISM. PRISM gave the NSA, FBI, and Government Communications Headquarters direct access to the servers of once-private companies such as Google, AOL, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. This astounding government overreach should incite indignation toward this organization which claims you need them to keep you safe. Snowden blew the whistle and the veil off of the authoritarian agenda. It wasn’t that long ago when the public perception of the government listening in on your phone calls seemed like the paranoid product of deranged conspiracy theorists. Edward Snowden showed us the world our complicity created. His activism has given us the motivation to act to restore our privacy.



Because of the advent of the internet, the number of whistleblowers has increased to unbelievable levels, especially over the past ten years. More and more people are waking up to the corruption, cronyism, coercion, and atrocities acted out by the plunderers who call themselves government officials. Come to Anarchapulco and listen to the speakers of the Advocacy Stage discuss ways you can change the world.

Blow the whistle.

Speak out.

Be the change.