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Give the Gift of Health this Christmas

health gift guide 2020

Do you want to give the gift of health this Christmas this year?

1. Silver Shield Deodorant

This is by far, hands down, the most fantastic deodorant on the market. I have tried all of the natural deodorants and this one actually cuts the scent and in no way irritates my skin.

Silver Shield

2. My Magic Mud

This tooth powder was created by my friend and fellow liberty activist, Jessica. Their product detoxes your mouth and has allowed me to go 8 years without a dental visit! My kids are cavity free and have only used this toothpaste in their 6 and 8 years.

my magic mud

3. Nebulizer

This tool has been really important to the health of my family. When someone gets a respiratory issue, we nip it in the bud immediately by nebulizing colloidal silver, or Breathe essential oil.


4. Nourishing Traditions

This book is PHENOMENAL! It gives you many nourishing recipes to try. I use this cookbook at home and the whole family loves it.

Nourishing Traditions

5. A Ticket to Anarchapulco or one of our Correlating Retreats!

Come see one of our practitioners, engage in daily yoga, relax by the beach, and learn from some of the greatest global minds in the field of Health and Wellness. I cannot wait to see you there!!!!

health gift guide

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