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Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Unschoolers

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Here at Anarchapulco we are huge fans of unschooling. This model of homeschooling is designed to create a custom experience for families based on the talents, desires and preferences of everyone involved. If there is an unschooler in your life, check out this gift list with great items for a variety of ages!

  1. A Rule is to Break – A Child’s Guide to Anarchy. This book has been a family favorite in our home for YEARS!  Inspire your children from a young age to be themselves and say no to things that don’t work for them.gifts for unschoolers
  2. Go Find It – An outdoor scavenger hunt for the whole family! This is a great way create short or long periods of time out in nature. This family-friendly card game / outdoor activity is great for all ages. Keep it in your car for fun on the go!go find it card nature game
  3. Build Your Own STEM Solar Robot – This is a great activity for kids age 8 and up. The same pieces can make a variety of robots, allowing your child to get creative and technical at the same time. This is a great activity for children who love to tinker.Gifts for Unschoolers
  4. Magnetic Blocks – these toys have provided hours of entertainment to my children year after year. In fact, my son asks for more to add to his collection every Christmas. From toddlers through pre-teen these magnetic blocks allow for boundless creativity and fun!unschooling gits magnetic blocks
  5. Ticket to Free Your Family Camp at Anarchapulco – this is one of the best gifts for unschoolers – my children have attended the past two years and LOVE IT.  During Anarchapulco your children will have the opportunity to hang out with unschoolers from across the world. There are activities and crafts, swim pools, and amazing learning opportunities for the entire family!  Admission for Children is FREE!!! Just be sure to register for the free ticket so we know who is planning to come. Also, the hotel has built in childcare for people with a room.Free Your Family Camp

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