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Gardasil Vaccine Side Effects – The Scary Truth

Gardasil Vaccine Side Effects

How much do you know about the Gardasil vaccine side effects?

The truth is startling!

What has been called one of the biggest medical scandals of recent history—the introduction of Gardasil to young children and adolescents, isn’t going away any time soon. Even with the copious amounts of information available, people are still ushering in their children to receive the aluminum ridden vaccine, ignoring the myriad of cautionary tales. What are the Gardasil vaccine side effects and is the risk of death an acceptable risk? To better understand Gardasil and its dangers, we need to consider the facts.

Gardasil Vaccine Side Effects

Do we need Gardasil?

Easily put, no. Why we believe we need it is an interesting story. Misinformation from Merck upon the introduction of Gardasil warned parents and teenagers of the impending death knell that is cervical cancer and asserted that there is a causal link between cancer and the contraction of HPV. What they failed to mention in their billion-dollar advertising campaign was that over 80% of sexually active adults contract HPV in the course of their lives. Does this mean that 80% of the population contracts life-changing and possibly life-ending cancer? Of course not.


Upon studying the statistics, we find that there were  3,924 deaths from cervical cancer in 2005, the year before Gardasil was introduced. Females started getting vaccinated, and statistically, you’d assume that the number of deaths attributed to cervical cancer (which they’ve claimed is caused by HPV) would drop, right? Not quite. In 2007, the year after the advertising blitz and all-around panic regarding HPV, the number of cervical cancer deaths actually increased. Even more people were dying! 2008 rolled around and the public held its breath for the big statistical reveal of how many people escaped death because they’d received the vaccine. When the results were doled out, so was the disappointment, as the rates of cervical cancer deaths continued to increase.


It doesn’t stop there. The initial vaccination, which was utilized by syringe wielding physicians around the globe, was only effective against four of the 100 total types of HPV that can manifest in the human body. In other words with the initial vaccine, you were protected from only 4% of HPV strains. Some would refer to “seat belt statistics” and argue that it’s better to be protected from the 4% than not at all (in other words, the seat belt can’t save you unless you put it on). Stories such as Alicia Koeppel’s, who received the vaccine in December of 2006 only to be plagued afterward with crippling ailments, were swept under the public rug. Who in their right mind would rush out to get a vaccine when, statistically, you’re more likely to suffer the serious adverse effects from receiving the vaccine than you would be of being diagnosed with the cervical cancer it purports to prevent?


False Hope

The seemingly exciting news was broadcast across the vaccine loving community when Merck announced Gardasil-9, a new and improved potion that now covered 9% of HPV strains, more than double the “protection” that the old shot provided. What they didn’t include in their announcements was that in addition to protecting you from twice as many strains of HPV, you’re also getting twice the amount of aluminum pumped into your veins. Original Gardasil contains 225 mcg of AAHS (aluminum adjuvant) and Gardasil 9 contains 500 mcg. The illnesses from the first round of vaccines were compounded and even more females, and now males fell ill from the new concoction. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and 500 mcg is a heck of a lot to put into your system. On record on PubMed, there are over 1652 peer-reviewed and published scientific papers on the dangers of Aluminum in vaccines and how it possesses neurotoxic properties. The toxicity of aluminum is certainly no conspiracy theory.


Proof In The Pamphlet

After the public outcry demanding a further explanation of the Gardasil vaccine side effects, the public was urged to have the full package insert explained by their health professionals. This insert included information on ingredients, clinical trial results, and the adverse side effects—giving patients the opportunity to learn the risks before deciding to get poked with a potentially deadly vaccine. In plain text, the pamphlet shows in chart form that of the 13,236 people receiving a Gardasil 9 shot, 305 resulted in a serious adverse event. Those aren’t numbers to scoff at, but Merck did. With a price tag of $100 per shot, with a need for three shots for what they claim as maximum protection (also, maximum aluminum injection), money was flowing faster than they could count it. Greed held the reins of Gardasil.


Reading further into the insert, you’ll find the statistics on systemic autoimmune disorders manifested after the injection of Gardasil 9. Of those same 13,234 injections, 321 of those patient’s bodies started attacking themselves—previously healthy bodies before the injection. Initially, researchers called this phenomenon “psychosomatic,” but as patients became bed-ridden and semi-indigent, they had to pay attention. Yet, there was no recall.


In that same insert, the statistics showed that of those who had become pregnant within 30 days after receiving the vaccine, a chilling number of almost 28% lost their children to miscarriage or had stillborn births. That’s an incredible risk to bear in the name of “prevention” of a mostly curable virus?

Read the whole insert here


A Natural Cure For HPV? 

“Gardasil: protecting you from something that isn’t that serious,” would be a more appropriate ad campaign for this vaccine, ridden with side effects. Think of it like trying to protect yourself from the snow. It’s mostly harmless however every once in a while a blizzard comes along and inconveniences a few people—perhaps even kills a small number of them. These people are typically elderly, or ill-prepared for the blizzard, whereas those equipped with warm blankets and snow shovels are able to cope with the event. With HPV, it works very similarly. Arming yourself with a holistic wellness approach will combat most HPV occurrences just as well as the vaccine does, without the increased risks of adverse effects including death.  Natural solutions include boosting your vitamin C intake to promote immunity, Zinc for cervical health, and Beta Carotene for all-around wellness. HPV is a very common and treatable condition. Oftentimes the body heals itself—something it cannot do while fighting an autoimmune disorder (an adverse effect known to be caused by Gardasil).


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