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Cryptopulco Announced Along With Dan Larimer


Cryptopulco Announced Along With Dan Larimer


Anarchapulco, in 2017, will be four days long and encompass two full rooms in the newest and most luxurious convention center in Acapulco.
Yes, there are now THAT many must-see anarcho-capitalists!
In fact, there are enough cryptoanarchists, bitcoiners, altcoiners and blockchain entrepreneurs that we have devoted an entire day just to cryptocurrencies and blockchains, to be called Cryptopulco.
As such, we continue to add great speakers.  We’ve just added Jose Rodriguez of Mexico’s largest bitcoin exchange, Bitso.
And, we’ve also added Dan Larimer, founder of both Bitshares and Steemit.
Dan recently appeared on Anarchast to discuss how we can create new systems that make government obsolete and you can see it here:

Cryptopulco is included with your registration to Anarchapulco, but register soon as we are already filling up fast and the early bird discounts are about to expire.  You can register at Anarchapulco.com.
And, for those of you not interested in blockchain or cryptocurrencies, you’ll have a day off to enjoy all that beautiful Acapulco has to offer!
 We look forward to seeing you this February!

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