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Crowdfunding From Alaska to Anarchapulco



We weren’t kidding when we said that people are moving mountains to get to Anarchapulco. Besides MC Voluntary who is bicycling from Colorado (and if Facebook is any indication has already found a riding partner) and another person who said they would hitchhike if they had to get here… today we found this:

Mike Lloyd, who lives in Alaska, has begun a GoFundMe crowdfunding raise to get to Anarchapulco.

Here’s what he had to say on GoFundMe.

Mike Lloyd here.

Bitcoin entrepreneur and unschooling father prompting for your attention and support! I’ve been invited to attend Anarchapulco, and need your help to defray the logistic costs from Alaska.

For those of you who value the conversational value of the experience you’ll be allowing me to share with you, this will be a no-brainer.

See www.anarchapulco.com and the short list of speakers below – one does not simply gather these people together in one place. They represent some of the most revolutionary thinkers and radical innovators of the globe, and Jeff Berwick is getting them together in one place to just generate awesomeness.

I’ll be happy to keep you informed and media-saturated throughout the event, and sure to make new connections with more mind-blowing sources of ideas and practical idealism!

Update #1

Here we go. Passport is in the works – if for some reason that doesn’t go through rest assured all contributions will be refunded in full. I have full faith and confidence in the aptitude of the US Government…wait…well… 😀

Ticket is next. This is the bulk of the cost, and is currently pegged at $840-ish on Expedia (which, by the way, accepts bitcoin as a payment method). This is to get from Anchorage to Mexico City ($300 cheaper than going straight to Acapulco). The public transit system should do the rest from there.

Mind you, I’m the kind of guy that shows up in strange places with no plan and still manages to figure out how to make things work out. I did it in Alaska…but Mexico has an added challenge because of the language barrier. I speak a few hundred words of Spanish but that game has been on the shelf for quite a few years.

All the more fun! Donate $5 to $50 (or more, if you’re feeling like a badass), and you’ll have me well on my way to the first Anarchist Conference of its kind in history!

By the way, Mike, it’s not public transportation from Mexico City to Anarchapulco… it’s all private, free-market transportation – nothing but the best for ancaps. The luxury, VIP buses on Estrella de Oro run about $40 for a lazy-boy reclining chair, personal entertainment unit and drink service for the 4-5 hour scenic drive on private, modern tollroads.

If you’d like to check it out or donate for a fine young anarchist to make it to Anarchapulco you can do so here: http://www.gofundme.com/7j43q4. We’ll do our part to chip in and if Mike raises enough money for airfare we’ll give him free registration to Anarchapulco.

Little does Mike know but we aren’t even done adding world-class speakers yet. More announcements on that soon to come!

Stay tuned to the Anarchapulco website for updates or click here now to lock-in your “Early Bird” discounted tickets.

Best Regards,

Jeff Berwick