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Conversations in Anarchy Schedule

Conversations in Anarchy

Conversations in Anarchy

If you’ve ever been to Anarchapulco, you know that under the banner of anarchism, is a diverse body of ideas and lifestyles. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a decentralized movement! However, there are some basic principles that bring us together as a single community. David Rodriguez and Evan Kopelson have written The Anarchist’s Guide to the Galaxy in order to lay out those principles succinctly.

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name”
– Gary Portnoy

Anarchapulco invites you to download the e-book and then join us in our weekly Conversations in Anarchy series where authors David and Evan, accompanied by long-time activists and homeschooling mamas Catherine Bleish and Angel Robinson will discuss the foundations of Anarchy as laid out in The Anarchist’s Guide to the Galaxy

Conversations in Anarchy Weekly Topics:

Week 1 (10/1/2019): What is Anarchy? (See Video Replay)

  • Anarchy vs Statism
  • The Three Guiding Principles of Anarchy
  • Anarchists and Violence (hint: we are not all about it)

Week 2 (10/8/2019): Anarchy and Infrastructure (See Announcement)

  • Can Anarchy Work at Scale?
  • Roads, Taxes, Voting, Civic Duty, Fire, Police, and Hospitals

Week 3 (10/15/2019): Anarchy and Statism

  • War, safety, security, borders, countries, international policy

Week 4 (10/22/2019): Anarchy and Human Health

  • Public Health vs the Profit Motive
  • Drugs, Big Pharma, Mandatory Vaccines, Mandatory Flue Shots
  • The War On Natural Healing
  • The Growth of CBD and Alternative Health

Week 5 (10/29/2019): Anarchy and Education

  • Education System, Indoctrination, Homeschooling / Unschooling
  • Peaceful Parenting
  • Fluoride, Chemtrails, Vaccines, Disinformation

Week 6 (11/5/2019): Anarchy and Guns

  • Right to Self Protection
  • Guns, 2nd Amendments
  • Public Safety, Gun-Free Zones, Mass Shootings

Week 7 (11/12/2019): Anarchy and Money

  • Financial Systems, Banks
  • Money, Cryptocurrency, Financial Autonomy

Week 8 (11/19/2019): Anarchy and Health

  • GMOs and Food Safety, Organics,
  • Vegetarianism and Veganism
  • Yoga & Healthy Lifestyles

Week 9 (11/26/2019): Anarchy and Personal Sovereignty

  • Abortion, Right to life and Pro-Choice, Planned Parenthood
  • Cloning and Fetal Tissues Sales
  • Rape & Incest
  • Parental Rights Issues

Week 10 (12/3/2019): Anarchy and Sexual Relationships

  • Consensual is Sexy
  • Traditional, Alternative, Polyamory

Week 11 (12/10/2019): Anarchist Solutions

  • Get into Crypto,
  • Join the Freedom Movement
  • Meet Other Anarchists
  • Go to Anarchist Events
  • Anarchist Groups and Resources

Week 12 (12/17/2019): All About Anarchapulco 2020

  • The Speakers
  • The Workshops
  • The Main Conference
  • The TDV Conference
  • The Events and VIP Dinners
  • The Pre and Post Event Retreats
  • Special Offer for Zoom Attendees

We want you to be a part of that conversation! Perhaps you came to anarchy by way of the Ron Paul movement, or through study of Austrian economics, or through vaccine safety, or the homeschooling movement, or the antiwar movement or any of the other myriad rebellions now taking place to end state power. Perhaps you want to lend your voice to this symphony of anti-statism in a place where it is welcome and where we all agree on the underlying principles necessary for a peaceful society. Perhaps you want to find your people!   

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Meet Angel

Angel Robinson is on the Content Team and is the editor of The Anarchist’s Guide to the Galaxy and the Anarchapulco blog. She is an unschooling mom, event planner, and philosophical Anarchist dedicated to promoting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Meet Evan

Evan Kopelson is the director of marketing for Anarchapulco and founder of Green Media Consulting, a digital agency. He also teaches yoga and lectures on medical cannabis and CBD safety.

Meet David

David Anarchapulco

David Rodriguez is a freedom lover. He helps parents remove their children from the forced schooling system, as a strategic homeschooling and apprenticeship consultant. He is a co-producer of Anarchapulco and manager of the Family Camp stage.

Meet Catherine

Catherine Bleish Anarchapulco

Catherine Bleish is the co-producer of Anarchapulco and manages the Anarchawaken Stage. She is an unschooling mother, world traveler, owner of thehomestead.guru and lover of all things sovereign living.