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Conversations in Anarchy Week 6: Anti-Gun Laws and the People They Harm


If Criminals Don’t Follow Laws, Who are Gun Laws Meant For?

Join us on Tuesday, November 5th, 4 pm western/5 pm mountain/6 pm central/7 pm eastern for week 5 of the Conversations in Anarchy Zoom series. Who is protected by gun laws? It’s definitely not the law-abiding citizens who the State seeks to disarm. This week we discuss guns and the right of good people to defend themselves from the bad guys. And it’s not lost on us that sometimes the bad guys give themselves badges. Just ask the Germans.

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  • Week 6 (11/5/2019): Anarchy and Guns
    • Right to Self Protection
    • Guns, 2nd Amendments
    • Public Safety, Gun-Free Zones, Mass Shootings

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Meet Angel

Angel Robinson is on the Content Team and is the editor of The Anarchist’s Guide to the Galaxy and the Anarchapulco blog. She is co-producing the Free Your Family Camp. She is an unschooling mom, event planner, and philosophical Anarchist dedicated to promoting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Meet Evan

Evan Kopelson is the director of marketing for Anarchapulco and founder of Green Media Consulting, a digital agency. He also teaches yoga and lectures on medical cannabis and CBD safety.

Meet David

David Anarchapulco

David Rodriguez is a freedom lover. He helps parents remove their children from the forced schooling system, as a strategic homeschooling and apprenticeship consultant. He is a co-producer of Anarchapulco and manager of the Family Camp stage.

Meet Catherine

Catherine Bleish Anarchapulco

Catherine Bleish is the co-producer of Anarchapulco and manages the Anarchawaken Stage. She is an unschooling mother, world traveler, owner of thehomestead.guru and lover of all things sovereign living.