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Christmas in Anarchapulco


Many people ask what Christmas is like in Anarchapulco.

On Christmas Eve, Angel Clark hosted another show with co-host RG, this time from his music studio on the 29th floor of Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites in Anarchapulco where they talked about how different Christmas is down here.


It was another great show which you can hear here: http://www.spreaker.com/user/angelclark/acs-w-rg-and-ken-schortgen_1.

That evening, at midnight, they plus many other anarchists in the area joined me at my house where we fired off our guns at midnight as per Mexican tradition.

On Christmas day, Angel and RG went up to the 30th floor rooftop of his building to do some archery.


Later that day was the always unusual Acapulco Christmas Day parade this year featuring “el Señor Cara de Papa” which translated means, “Mr. Potato Face”.


And then today many of us watched from our various condos and houses surrounding the bay the Acapulco Air Show.

So, as you can see, rarely a day goes by without something interesting occurring here around Christmas. And next comes New Year’s which has one of the most insane, anarchic fireworks displays in the world where literally thousands of people chaotically fire off at the count of midnight.

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Happy Holidays!

Jeff Berwick
Chief Freedom Officer (CFO)