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Brett Veinotte: First Time Anarchapulco Speaker 2018!



Brett Veinotte: First Time Anarchapulco Speaker 2018!


We are very excited to announce that Brett Veinotte of the “School Sucks” podcast will be a first time speaker at Anarchapulco 2018 in Acapulco, Mexico!

If you don’t know much about Brett’s work, it is worth noting that on October 15th Brett began a road trip across the country to interview his listeners, parents and children about self-directed education, home education and other alternatives to public school/higher education. The School Sucks Across America Tour will last over 40 days and it includes stops in over 30 cities across the country.

Brett is a proponent of spreading liberty through self-knowledge, self-teaching, and self-responsibility and we have followed his work for awhile which is why it’s fantastic that’s he’s coming down to Mexico for this coming February’s conference.

You can check out this Anarchast episode that was done recently as well, if you want to listen to the details of Brett’s philosophy.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets already you can grab them HERE.

We’ll soon be announcing the discount code for the Princess Hotel so wait to book your hotel room until we announce that code, hopefully in the next few days.

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