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How to Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet!

bitcoin wallet
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Easily Create A High Tech Bitcoin Wallet, Manage Your Wealth and Fortune

Imagine leading a young child, with bright-eyes and freckled cheeks, through the heavy glass and metal doors of a financial institution. You sit them in a padded wooden chair in front of a large wooden desk. On the other side is a stuffy banker swiveling back and forth in his chair in anticipation of taking the last pennies in this child’s piggy bank. Trusting, the child looks at you, then at the banker who has his hand open to receive the pennies. The child clutches his piggy bank a little tighter. “Hand over your money, little boy. It’s the right thing to do.” Reluctantly, handing his piggy bank over, the child has nothing else to do but trust that his money is in a safe place. It’ll be years before he learns that his money left that bank the second he walked it through that front door. If only he had set up a Bitcoin Wallet instead…

bitcoin wallet

The sad and scary state of modern banking and money is that it is subject to great instability. Our system is based upon a currency that is backed by nothing more than faith and edict. Such a system is a ticking time bomb waiting to detonate and bring all of us trusting citizens (and distrustful alike) down with it. The government has given us the illusion that our money has value, but in reality, the actual value has dropped 14% in 2018 alone. Fractional reserve banking allows governments to essentially “print money” for wars and welfare while devaluing every dollar in our pockets and our savings. If history has taught us anything it’s that we can expect, one day in the future, for the dollar bill to be as useless for buying goods as the penny is today. There are, however, some better ideas as to what the future of money can be.


Cryptocurrency is the new buzz word and it has been gaining in acceptance and popularity since its inception. Of the multitudinous articles and blog posts that populate your news feed, Bitcoin is the most prevailing and most recognized brand in crypto. Many use Bitcoin interchangeably with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is to crypto what google is to the internet search. This isn’t a coincidence. They were the first—and they’re innovating the way that people are choosing to transfer money, spend, and save. It is an absolute honor for Anarchapulo 2020 to have Bitcoin as a sponsor and partner in promoting a free and prosperous society.

Get started with Bitcoin

Let’s return to our little boy. Do not idly watch as he stuffs his pennies in a vulnerable piggy bank, susceptible to breakage and theft, or worse, as he hands his savings over to an apathetic agent of the banks. Instead, offer him a safer solution in the future of currency: a Bitcoin Wallet. Understanding Bitcoin and how it works is intimidating for many adults, let alone a child, but the process of setting up a wallet is not difficult.

A Bitcoin wallet can be easily set up by visiting this Bitcoin page. There, you’ll find a vast array of choices for setting different wallet options. Although it may seem a little overwhelming at first, a lot of what you’ll come across is like radio static and you just have to find the right station (wallet) that resonates with you. As a beginner in Bitcoin, the most practical option is the Bitcoin Wallet, found on Bitcoin.com. As you navigate the Wallet page, you may be tempted with other options, all of which are specially designed for different platforms such as Andriod, Mac, and desktop. All of those options are infinitely better than either a piggy bank or an institutional bank.

However, the simple Bitcoin Wallet is comprehensive, easy to use, and extremely secure in comparison to some of the other options. This wallet will hold your “key,” which will unlock your ability to transfer funds between different cryptocurrency exchanges or to purchase goods. It’s just like using a regular debit card—without the risk of compromising your security to identity theft, the real threat of loss, or government fiat devaluation. A physical USB drive that can house your Bitcoin wallet is another possible option that provides some added security. If you feel comfortable with this secure option, that’s your decision to make. However, like cash, your USB drive is subject to the risk of loss. Stories abound throughout the internet of people losing thousands of dollars without any ability to retrieve their stored funds.

To set up a Bitcoin wallet on an Android tablet, it’s as easy as visiting the page HERE and clicking the orange Install box on the right side of your screen. Upon downloading the app, you will be guided through a series of simple to answer questions and a verification process to assure that you are, in fact, who you say you are. If you log into your Bitcoin Wallet on a device that has an active Bluetooth connection or an unsecured WIFI connection, you’ll be prompted immediately that you’re at risk. You’ll receive guidance to assist you in turning off these features to keep all of your transactions completely safe. Have patience through this process; rest assured that it is for your security.

If Apple products are your thing, your selections are currently a little limited. Interestingly, Apple made the decision to ban all Bitcoin wallets from its App Store in 2014. However, the company made a reversal of this policy after its decision was forced many die-hard Apple fans to switch to Android devices for cryptocurrency management. Apple’s initial position was that “apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users.” In other words, Apple claimed it didn’t want to be in violation of any government regulation anywhere that cryptocurrency was frowned upon or criminalized.

However, there were no applicable laws in the US restricting the use of crypto. Greed may have fueled the temporary ban, but not for very long. The market, absent government manipulation, has a way of forcing new realities and technologies on even the most resistant corporate interests.

In any event, the safest solution for those with Apple products seems to be Trust. The app has overwhelmingly good reviews on the App store. Set up is comparable to that of an Android-based tablet or desktop, but with the added security of thumb scan recognition. Proceed with caution as several reviews can be found on the App store from people with absolute horror stories of having their crypto stolen while using other Apps. However, touted as an Apple “game-changer,” this is by far the easiest wallet to set up, and best for Apple users.

Spend with Bitcoin

Once you have your Bitcoin wallet set up, you’ve begun the process of freeing yourself from centralized banking! You can now spend, save and invest as you see fit. Although not everyone is on the Bitcoin bandwagon yet, many are starting to jump on around the globe and acceptance is becoming mainstream. Information powerhouse Wikipedia now accepts Bitcoin, as well as the multinational supermarket chain, Whole Foods.

There are real indications that crypto has reached a tipping point with a growing number of market place participants accepting Bitcoin in addition to the Fed-lovers not so precious fiat money. The momentum is real. Local restaurants like Helens Pizza in Jersey City, are now accepting cryptocurrencies in addition to paper money. It should come as no surprise that the Libertarian Party accepts donations of Bitcoin through BitPay, an obvious middle finger to the Fed.

Bitcoin gets you to the beach

Anarchapulco conference tickets can also be purchased with your crypto. Bitcoin is the future of cash but so much more secure and without all yucky government germs. Before you fold your Anarchapulco t-shirts and pack your bags for your trip to Anarchapulco, take a few minutes to set up a Bitcoin wallet. There is nothing to hold you back!

While wrapping your mind around how crypto-mining works might seem daunting, setting up an investment Bitcoin wallet is far from it. With ten minutes, a steady and secure internet connection, and a focus on bringing down the Federal Reserve, anyone can set up a Bitcoin wallet. We’ve even made it easier for you to choose the wallet that fits your needs with THIS blog post!

Channel your spirit of rebellion and break your chain to the banks. If this still seems a little overwhelming, don’t hesitate to buy your tickets to the premier crypto event, Cryptopulco, where you can learn more from speakers like sovereign wealth consultant, Juan Galt, Ron Paul, who needs no introduction, and many others. Check out the entire crypto lineup and purchase your tickets to this four day festival of knowledge and free thinkers.

bitcoin wallet