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Not Every Bitcoin Event Is Created Equal


Beautiful Beach + Bitcoin Education = Cryptopulco

How many of us have sat through a stagnant seminar staring at a large screen with a PowerPoint presentation creating a backdrop for a less than charismatic speaker? The clock on the wall ticks, and instead of leaving the conference hall with a pep in your step and enthusiasm to go make changes in your life or even the world, you’re looking for the nearest bar to try to take the edge off. Upon perching yourself on a stool, perhaps with the PowerPoint slides from the presentation in tow, you reflect on how you just spent your last hour, day, or even your week with a sneaking suspicion that you’ve wasted your time. Chances are, if this has been an experience of yours, you’d be a bit jaded on the idea of attending any other conferences in general.  Yet, not all conferences are created equal, and that’s why Anarchapluco has taken the stance of being a sort of “anti-conference” conference. There is going be a mountain of information shared throughout the event, but a special focus has been given to the extremely fascinating and booming world of Bitcoin. This is certainly the Bitcoin event for you!

While the event is sponsored by Bitcoin.com, that in no way limits the plethora of information that will be shared outside of the world of Bitcoin. The Cryptopulco stage has been set with only the brightest, most talented speakers gracing the stage to deliver engaging presentations that will not only inspire you to switch to crypto but have you running out to preach the benefits to all who doubt. A comprehensive list of the speakers will be available in September and will, without question, be filled with knowledge, enthusiasm, and perhaps a little humor.

The Best? Says Who?

What sets Anarchapulco apart from other Bitcoin events around the globe? Blake Moore of BITCOIN.com said it best in regards to last year’s event; “We thought having the whole resort for the event really made a big difference. The Cryptopulco stage was great, we liked seeing it have its own space and great to see it busy.” The subject and topics covered are so vast, a single conference hall wouldn’t do it justice. The sheer size of the resort accommodates thousands of thinkers and encourages them to congregate before and after presentations to share ideas and brainstorm on how to implement those ideas. The demographic of attendees reaches across oceans and continents from Sweden to the islands of the Caribbean.

Not only can you expect a fantastic melting pot of free thinkers, but you will also be treated to a charismatic presentation Jeff Berwick, the man behind Anarchapulco. Not only is he “the man behind the plan,” but he has also spoken at numerous crypto-conferences around the world. He constantly checks the pulse and temperature of where and what’s going on in the industry. With his attention to detail, he has been able to mentor and inform people as to the state of all currencies, privacy in crypto,  and the varying landscape of cryptocurrencies—including Bitcoin. Jeff shares with Anarchapulco attendees what he deems to be some of the wisest investments. He’ll explain the fork between Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, leaving you with a fresh approach, and momentum to go out and invest. After ten years of hardcore crypto action, he remains on top of everything and loves to share his knowledge. Of course, he may be a little bit biased in saying that this is the world’s best Bitcoin event, but you can’t blame him.

Beyond Bitcoin

Still on the fence and wondering if you’ll be able to sit through several presentations on a seemingly complex topic? Look past the fact that you’re going to learn, but you’re going to grow. The superstar line up will have something for everyone, focusing on topics ranging from trading, investing, and the importance of transferring funds from Fed backed currency. All speakers will have unique views and ideas on the broad topics of cryptocurrency. Don’t worry about getting burnt out with a constant feed of information. You’ll be free to take a moment and venture from the stage to stroll the amazing beach just steps outside the hotel. This isn’t your Holiday Inn Express conference center; Anarchapulco is a premier event with premium accommodations.

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By growing and learning at this event, the best Bitcoin event out there, you’ll be able to flex your knowledge and influence those that aren’t educated. Remember, “Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny,”  said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Once you’re able to plant that first seed of an idea, you’ll be able to watch it sprout, grow and ascend into a fury of self-improvement. Luckily for you, Cryptopulco is set up to help you sow those seed, show you how to fertilize them, and create a destiny that is more suited to free-thinking, not government enslavement.

Click here to visit the Cryptopulco page or here to purchase your tickets to the even. Remember, the tickets won’t just provide you with access to the Cryptpulco stage; you’ll have full access to the entire event including stages focusing on the topics health and wellness, homeschooling, and advocacy. This truly is fun for the whole family, set in one of the most beautiful locations in Mexico, free of drones and regulations. Come evolve with us and buy your tickets here!

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