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Buy Your Anarchapulco Tickets with a Bitcoin Account, Don’t Feed PayPal

bitcoin account

Purchase Your Crypto-Cation Tickets Using Your Bitcoin Account!

There are a lot of difficult choices in life, but deciding to go to Anarchalupco isn’t one of them. Not only is this is the premier event for Anarchistic thinkers and freedom seekers, but it’s also a proverbial plethora of information on topics that you might not have even thought about before. Stages ranging from homeschooling to cryptocurrency round out the list of exciting reasons to visit this tropical paradise nestled along the Pacific ocean. Pack your swimsuit and be ready to dive into the deep end of everything Anarchy related. Open up your bitcoin account and get your money’s worth out of your ticket purchase with a few tips here!

bitcoin account

Put your Bitcoin account to work for YOU!

Many in the movement have already moved away from relying solely on federally backed currency and have moved over to cryptocurrency wallets and investments. This gradual pull back from the Federal Reserve system has gained momentum and isn’t losing speed anytime soon. Luckily for Anarchapulco, and the Cryptoculco stage, Bitcoin has decided to be a major sponsor for this year’s event. We are happy to announce that you can pay for your tickets online with your Bitcoin account and the transaction is simple, fast, and incredibly secure.

To purchase your tickets, visit the Anarchapulco ticket page and travel down the main page until you see the ticket selection window. Upon selecting the “add to cart” button, you can select the option next to the orange box to view your cart. There, you can change the number of tickets and also select additional tickets before checkout such as a “Buddy Ticket.” The “Buddy Ticket” allows you to purchase a second ticket for a friend at a discount. What better way is there to introduce all aspects of anarchy to a friend who, perhaps, has little or no knowledge as to what this movement actually is about. On that same screen, you can add children’s tickets at no additional cost. Although there is no charge for these tickets, each child attending is required to have his or her own individual tickets.

After adding on additional tickets, you are free to select the check out button and proceed to make your payment securely. Under the total, you will see the option to “Pay with Crypto!”  All transfers are processed through CoinPayments.net, the largest payment processor of over 1,500 cryptocurrencies. This simple and easy to navigate process replaces the need for the use of PayPal and allows 100% of the funds transferred to go directly to the organization, rather than feeding the bellies of money-hungry middlemen.

Why use your Bitcoin to purchase your tickets, you might ask. Why not? The more transactions that occur using a cryptocurrency, the less power is given to the middlemen that siphon money off of every transaction. PayPal uses a fee schedule to determine how much they get to stow away in their account before transferring the money to the payee. This can change depending on the amount of money any certain business pulls in per week and non-profit status. This doesn’t seem like much at first but spanning over hundreds of transactions, it can add up to a very significant amount. The better option, should you have the ability, is to use a Bitcoin transfer. The transfer is quick, secure, and nobody gets to fatten their pockets with money that doesn’t belong to them. If you were to do some basic math and assume that everyone paid with Paypal at full ticket price, Paypal would keep $8.69 of each ticket (2.2% plus $0.30 per transaction). Since the event is going to be huge and an approximation of 3,000 people attend, that would be $26,070 that the event would never see. That’s a very large sum of money to be redirected from promoting liberty to filling Paypal’s coffers. Read about the full Paypal fee structure here.

If you’re not convinced yet about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, take a moment to view all of the transactions that you’ve made through your PayPal or other online banking platforms. Investigate how much they keep for themselves, and how that percentage might impact a small business owner. On the broader scale, think about how much that adds up over time. How do shop owners and organizations compensate for that cut? Either by raising prices or reducing the quality of service to make a profit. We, as a society, need to think about caring for ourselves before feeding an already swollen belly of a greedy bank or payment platform. Use your Bitcoin account like cash as much as possible. The more we use it, the more it will be accepted, and the closer we’ll all be to ending the dependence on Federal Reserve funny money.