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Best Gifts for Bitcoin Lovers


If you are looking for some fantastic gift ideas for the bitcoin-bug in your family! Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 5 Gifts for bitcoin lovers!

  1. Trezor Cold Storage and Password Manager
    All crypto asset holders should have a hard wallet backup to save their digital assets. This wallet is great because it will not only hold your bitcoin, ethereum, and any erc-20 coin, but it will hold your passwords as well! This wallet easily ships from Amazon!best bitcoin gift
  2. Bitcoin Hoodie
    Its winter, and baby its cold outside! This bitcoin hoodie is a great gift for the crypto-lover in your family! It comes in three colors, which is your favorite?
    Bitcoin Hoodie
  3. Crypto Socks
    OK, y’all I am seriously giddy over these socks. I LOVE THEM!  These socks make a more subtle statement than the hoodie, and would be great for men who wear dress slacks. You will quickly learn who in your office is “in the know” when they point out your sock pattern!
    best gift for bitcoin lovers
  4. The Internet of Money
    I suggest this book, the Internet of Money because it is a collection of one of the foremost thinkers in the crypto space, Andreas M Antonopoulos. This book goes beyond the how of bitcoin, and into the why.
  5. Ticket to Cryptopulco (at Anarchapulco)
    This is hands down the best gift you can give a bitcoin fan. The chance to spend 4 days in sunny Acapulco at one of the worlds most beautiful resorts, surrounded by crypto experts and fans.  You can purchase your tickets at anarchapulco.com

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