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Best Books On Unschooling? Click Here!

best unschooling books

Read These Top Notch Books On Unschooling!

If you’re heading to Anarchapulco, chances are you have a little bit of traveling to do to get there. What better way to pass the time than by selecting a few books to read (or listen to) along the way. This is a list of some of the best unschooling books penned by some amazing writers. Many of them are available in audio format. While there are hundreds of other books to choose from, these selections stand out as not only informative but also inspirational reading. Fire up your E-Reader and dive into these intriguing reads today!

best unschooling books

Radical Unschooling-A Revolution Has Begun by Dayna Martin

Dayna Martin has a powerful way of communicating the importance of unschooling. With her holistic heart teaching approach, she will inspire you to not only encourage your children to learn but also to demonstrate that learning is everywhere. With four stars on Amazon, reviewers laud this book as “full of heart” and as creating “renewed hope.” She highlights the fact that learning is fun when not forced. She believes in sparing no expense when it comes to providing your children with the tools to encourage them in their interests. She argues that by respecting a child’s voice and choices, you’ll promote an atmosphere in which they will learn to make wise decisions that guide their education. Your kids will grow as individuals and learn from the experiences they’ve chosen as opposed to conventional styles of learning where topics and ideas are forced on them whether they like it or not. At 104 pages, it’s an easy read that you’ll want to keep on your shelf for years to come.

Dayna is a favorite unschooling speaker at Anarchapulco. She has also been featured on several podcasts, Youtube videos, and interviews because of her passion for unschooling and desire to change children’s education as we’ve come to know it. This is truly one of the best modern unschooling books on the market today!

How Children Learn by John Holt

John Holt isn’t just another writer; he’s the brains behind the concept of unschooling itself. In 1970, Holt was an educator and was frustrated in his conventional teaching position. Deep down inside he knew there was a better way to teach these children who seemed just as frustrated as he was. Using anecdotes and clear reasoning he penned How Children Learn with the hope of inspiring people to change their way of thinking about conventional education. Now, almost 50 years later, over 1 million copies have been sold and it’s still on the top of many homeschooling and unschooling reading lists. Using anecdotes and what Time Magazine referred to as “a gentle voice of reason,” Holt formulated this book based on his observations and a new philosophy. He emphasizes that learning is as natural as nature and that children are about as natural as humans can be. At 320 pages, it’s more of a marathon read as opposed to a sprint, so you’ll want to keep a highlighter handy to pinpoint parts pertinent to you. Once you’ve worked your way through How Children Learn, check out Learning All The Time or one of his many other books. Round out your knowledge with Holt’s experience and his philosophy of learning.

Free To Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-reliant and Better Students for Life by Peter Gray

Peter Gray isn’t a run of the mill writer. As a research professor at Boston College, his knowledge stretches about as far as the eyes can read. By combining all of his fields of research and study, he’s created one of the most well-rounded reads on our top five best unschooling books list. Using an integrative method, he combines his understanding of the inner workings of the child brain with research in stimuli response, in a formula to promote learning. Reviewers have lauded this book as “game-changing” and a “must-read for those frustrated with public schools.” Psychology Today writes “weaving together evidence from anthropology, psychology, and history, [Gray] makes the case that compulsory schooling is not only misguided but deeply damaging.” This book will push you to make the changes in not only your children’s lives but also the lives of the children around you. You’ll be compelled to try and slow the collateral damage that public education is causing to children everywhere. At 280 pages, it’s an engaging read that you’ll want to lend out to everyone you know and inspire your friends and family to change the world of education for the better.

Parents Guide to Self Directed Learning by Mark Beaumont

A deviation from the first three books, Parent Guide To Self Directed Learning is focused more on the parent than the child. Beaumont focuses on the fact that unless you can unschool yourself first, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to be a successful unschooling parent. The book delves into the details and provides the philosophy behind unschooling and why it works. He explains the “problems of modern pedagogy” and how unschooling is the next step in the educational evolution. Along with information on how to unschool yourself, the book helps you to develop a “personal learner profile,” a sort of a personality test for different learning styles. This tool along with the right interpersonal development will land you in a successful position to not only unschool your own family but coach others as well. A reviewer stated that upon reading this book, it had changed their approach to unschooling, even after having already done it for seven years. As of the publication of this article, not a single reviewer gave this book fewer than five stars. Read it for yourself first, and for your children a second time.

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsatory Learning by John Taylor Gatto

Regurgitation of facts is not knowledge, and this book is a total slap in the face to anybody that thinks or believes differently. Dumbing Us Down has been on the radar of almost every homeschooler or unschooler since its having been written. Gatto, another former teacher, encourages growth not only in one’s youth but rather as a life long pursuit. There is no high benchmark that represents when an individual becomes too old to learn, nor a low benchmark that denotes when a human should begin to learn. Placing children in an environment with these benchmarks is a recipe for failure. Deviating from this practice is crucial to success in educating your children. He writes, “It is absurd and anti-life to be part of the system that compels you to sit in confinement with people of exactly the same age and social class.” His writing paints a vivid picture of the cruel and unusual punishment public schools visit upon children. At 144 pages, Dumbing Us Down is one of those books that has made it into the mainstream conversation being highlighted in many documentaries and research articles. After reading this book, you’ll have no doubt that unschooling is the most humane and practical approach to education.

Not much of a reader or don’t seem to have time between all of the exciting activities you’re doing with your kid? We’ve got you covered. Anarchapulco has a dynamic stage set with many unschooling topics. Did we mention that kids’ tickets are free with the purchase of an adult ticket? Why not bring the little ones along and get them started on the right path. Anarchapulco and the Family Camp is going to be a memorable experience for young and not-so-young alike.

Have suggestions for some other must-read unschooling books? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below!

best unschooling books