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Back to School or Time to Homeschool?

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Many children are sad that summertime is coming to an end. How did you feel when you had to go back to school? If you liked carrying heavy textbooks, doing homework, and studying for tests, you may have enjoyed school.

However, these things don’t help children become happier, healthier, and successful. Why not Because most schools are mandatory, and this retards the natural learning process. Plus, coercive learning is disrespectful and immoral.

If state schools were any good, they would help children improve their self-knowledge, self-discipline, and goal setting abilities in a voluntary environment. The reality is that K-12 compulsory state schools were designed to create obedient citizens and soldiers. This is documented by the words of Johann Fichte, Elwood P. Cubberly, Edward Thorndike, and others over 100 years ago. (Incredible stuff to read.)

So, what can you do about it?

You might want to consider homeschooling, which is when a leader creates an atmosphere where personalized learning can occur. Or your child may prefer unschooling, which is 100% self-directed learning.

If you feel that you cannot do either this year, it would benefit your child to simply talk about the statist mechanisms in their school that were created to prevent them from acquiring a genuine education.

The bells.

The hall pass.

The lack of play.

The standardized tests.

These things discourage inspiration, passion, and creativity because inspired, passionate, and creative people cause trouble for the state and its agenda.

However, this COULD be the year that you begin your homeschool journey.

If you don’t have a child, then you may want to rejoice in the fact that you don’t have to go back into those buildings for 9 months of boredom.

I know I do. Ha!

Isn’t it time to evolve beyond forced schooling?

Human beings need freedom, not a slave master.

This is becoming evident with Anarchapulco’s growing community and amongst other voluntaryist organizations. More people are beginning to speak their truths, even if it offends a few people.

Surely, there are some nice and sincere teachers in the school system, but there are also some mean ones.

What school probably forgot to teach you, as for me also, is that genuine learning is a lifelong mission. It’s not something that happens from age 6 to 18 between 8 am and 3 pm. In education, there isn’t a race to win or a competitor to defeat. The only one who can empower or defeat us is ourselves.

And that’s exactly what we are doing now.

Let’s keep evolving and growing freedom. Join us in February if you want to meet other homeschooling and unschooling families. We have a whole program dedicated to families called “Free Your Family Camp.

More event detail will be released in the coming weeks, but you can get Anarchapulco early bird tickets for a limited time here.

If you want to become an affiliate and earn a few bucks for helping us promote the event, click here.

If you wish to make a comment for the community, please join us for the conversation in the private Anarchapulco Facebook Group.

Peace. Love. Anarchy.

Kind regards,
David Rodriguez

Community Facilitator

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