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Are You Ready To Find Love At Anarchapulco 2017?


Are You Ready To Find Love At  Anarchapulco 2017?


The “divide and conquer” strategy we’re so used to seeing in the news extends far beyond just geopolitics and scary news stories. It infects our personal relationships too.
 Society gives us exactly 0% of the REAL information when it comes to having happy and harmonious dating lives – is it any wonder so many of us struggle to get this part of our lives right?
 Is there a knowingness inside of you – that this part of your life could be easy if you just had a push in the right direction, or maybe removed some of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from getting that peace you’ve been searching for?
 Dating expert Sasha Daygame is bringing the world foremost Dating coaches Back to Anarchapulco to shatter the matrixc dating paradigm, in another life changing Direct Dating Summit event, to help fellow voluntarists/anarchists  find love in 2017!
 The Event blew away expectations and dramatically altered the love lives of the attendees in 2016…. and this year just might be ever more reality shattering!
 The truth is, that we pick up so many damaging beliefs and systems from society, as well as our parental programming, none of us are in a position to really be who we are freely and openly. Is it any wonder it’s hard for us to attract our ideal partner into our lives?
 Check out this 2 minute clip from last year’s event.
If you’re interested in living a happier, more peaceful life – as well as opening up your heart, clearing out your psychological (and energetic) crap…. and finding THE right partner for yourself…. Grab a ticket to the DDS 2017!
The information is useful for those seeking a partner, or people who simply wish to improve the quality their communication and personal relationships.
Tickets go up to full Price on Feb 21st…. so move quick 😉
Full info (as well as tickets) are available on this link.
If we’re going to create a world full of woke voluntarists/anarchists…. We must make more 😉
Hope to See you there!

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