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Anarchy in Dating with Sasha Daygame

March 2nd – $199 Early Bird Special

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Listen to this personal message from Sasha first…

18th January 2017

From the desk of Sasha Daygame

Hey buddy,

Maybe you’re here because you’ve noticed that this dating and relationships thing is way harder than it should be.

Are you constantly wondering…

  • “Why does it never work out?”
  • “Why am I not feeling loved all the time?”
  • “Why is it so hard to just have this part of my life handled?”
  • “Why do I feel I need a partner to be happy?”
  • “Why do I always attract the wrong type of person into my life?”

Do you always feel like it’s a struggle to just achieve harmony in your relationships?

Is there a knowingness inside of you – that this part of your life could be easy if you just had a push in the right direction, or maybe removed some of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from getting that peace you’ve been searching for?

Well if I told you – that you are NOT alone?

…that MOST people struggle in this area?

The reason is: we are given exactly 0% of the REAL information when it comes to having happy and harmonious dating lives.

The “divide and conquer” strategy we’re so used to seeing in the news extends far beyond just geopolitics and scary news stories. It infects our personal relationships too.

The reality is, that we pick up so many damaging beliefs and systems from society, as well as our parental programming, none of us are in a position to really be who we are freely and openly.

We’ve all got layers of conditioning preventing us from being the fulling present, conscious, loving beings that we truly are.

And that’s what this event is about

REMOVING of those layers of crap, as well as bringing in that awareness so we can have better communication, and more genuine love and compassion towards others.

There’s no overnight solution, but we genuinely hope to at least open up the gates and bring in some real consciousness so you can bring that into your relationships and start the process of healing that all of us need to bring that peace and harmony into your lives.

Come Join me at Anarchy in Dating @ Anarchapulco 2017

it’s going to be truly a life changing (and heart opening) event!