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Anarchapulco Schedule Announcement


Anarchapulco Schedule Announcement


Gentlemen! Ladies! Children of all ages! At last, the full schedule for Anarchapulco 2017 is available and wow, is it a packed event!
Like last year, the week kicks off on February 24th with the TDV Investment and Internationalization Summit, featuring a roster of great speakers to help you secure your assets and prosper through the inevitable financial collapse.
Then we have three days of talks, panels and presentations by the leading anarchist thinkers in the world. You’ll have your choice of sessions at any time, as we’ll have two stages in adjacent rooms so you can count on being able to find a session you love. And the nights will be jam-packed as well, with the annual Anarchapulco Concert featuring Eric July and Backwordz as well as, Dayna Martin’s Women’s Circle, and the Anarchapulco VIP Dinner.
On the 4th day (February 28th), for no additional cost, you’ll be able to attend both the Cryptopulco conference where you can learn about all the amazing advancements in cryptocurrencies, and the Fundamentals of Liberty conference, with sessions about the root principles of anarchy such as economics, ethics, and how we can solve basic social problems without a ruling class.
You can also get additional tickets for even more events that we’re calling “Anarchapulco University.”
Luke Rudkowski’s Change Media University will be held on February 28th.
March 1st brings an embarrassment of riches when you can choose from Adam Kokesh’s Homesteading Workshop, Dayna Martin’s Free Your Family Camp, Bob Podolsky’s Octologue Workshop and Terry Brock’s Fund Your Freedom Entrepreneurship Seminar.
On the night of March 1 is the TripToWellness Ayahuasca Ceremony guided by Barry Cooper.
March 2 offers still more options with Starr O’Hara’s Anarchartistry Workshop, Sasha Daygame’s Anarchy in Dating, Tone Vays’ TDV Professional Trading Techniques, the continuation of Dayna Martin’s Family Camp, and Bob Podolsky’s Amplification Training Workshop.
On March 3 you can conclude both the TDV Professional Trading Techniques and the Free Your Family Camp. And you can also check out Bob Podolsky’s Soul Bounding Workshop.
And as always, you can forego all that and just relax by the pool or on the beach, basking in the sun of Acapulco and enjoying casual conversations with people who are just as eager as you to evacuate the state and brave the future.
As you can see, the entire week is jam-packed with opportunities to expand both your mind and your spirit. It is by far the best Anarchapulco we’ve assembled so far and we can’t wait for you to join us. Make your plans, secure your tickets, and come join your tribe today!
Many of the events will be sold out so don’t wait until the last minute.  You can register at http://anarchapulco.com.
— Nathan Freeman, Chief Cat Herder Anarchapulco 2017

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