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Anarchapulco Core Principles

anarchapulco principles

What is a “Principle”?

A fundamental truth from which others are derived.

Why Does it Matter?

The Anarchapulco Principles are important because it helps you and other people understand the key perspectives we stand for.

Many people, without knowing it, have a vague moral compass and wander around on earth following the crowd.

Anarchists and voluntaryists tend to have clear moral compasses and unshakeable values that they strive to live by.

Many of these values are included in the Anarchapulco Manifesto below.

The Anarchapulco Principles:

  1. Every human being is born free.
  2. Every human being owns him/herself.
  3. As the sole owner of one’s body and property, every human being is 100% responsible for the actions, consequences, and the results of the use of their body and property, whether positive or negative.
  4. No human being has any obligation to abide by contracts s/he didn’t personally consent to.
  5. Every human being has the natural right to engage in voluntary relationships, which are the only moral way to interact with other human beings.
  6. It is immoral for a human being to initiate physical violence or verbal threats of violence against another.
  7. Every human being who is a victim of such violence is justified in defending oneself in a way that s/he determines to be reasonable.
  8. Property that is justly acquired, which excludes the use of theft, fraud, or coercion belongs to each respective human being.
  9. Anarchapulco is a place where peace, freedom, and personal responsibility are entrusted to each attendee, guest, and staff member.
  10. Anarchapulco is a unique place that facilitates respect for others, respect for property, and respect for one’s Self.
  11. All human beings at Anarchapulco are expected to seek peaceful resolutions when conflicts arise.
  12. Anarchapulco is a private event where anarchy is being practiced and any human being perceived as a threat to others may be asked to leave, or may be physically removed, without receiving a refund.
  13. Anarchapulco exists to help human beings become freer, healthier, and more powerful in their personal and professional lives.

We hope these principles are as exciting to you to read as they were for us to publicly express.

Humanity is evolving and we believe some of these principles will soon be spread to the four corners of the earth.

If you wish to comment on these Principles, please join us for the conversation in the private Anarchapulco Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/anarchapulco/

Early bird tickets expire soon. You can get yours here:

Peace. Love. Anarchy.

Kind regards,
David Rodriguez

Community Facilitator

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