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Anarchapulco 2016 in full swing… and in case you didn’t make it

We’ve been light on posting updates because Anarchapulco is blazing hot. We’ve had our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, the TDV Investment Summit, two days of smashing presentations by some of the greatest minds on earth, a killer concert, and the roast of Jeff Berwick. With still another day to go, and followed by the 4th Rational Physics Conference, the Unschooling & Peaceful Parenting Workshop, Dinner with Larken Rose, and Sasha Daygame’s Direct Dating Summit, we’re at last past the midway point.
I’ve heard from so many people “I wish I could have made it” and we would have loved to have you, of course. However, all is not lost, because we have an extra surprise in store…
100% of the talks at Anarchapulco 2016 are being recorded. And not just with a smartphone in the audience, but with multiple angles from HD cameras and with direct mic’d sound. Each talk is then edited by a professional editing team, intercut with presentation visuals and sound-corrected.
Because all the presentations will be published on WatchMyBit.com. We’ve teamed up with one of the most innovative ventures on the planet to make all our content visible on the web. For just a few Satoshis, you’ll be able to catch all the talks from your favorite speakers and dreamers. And if you actually attended the conference, you’ll be able to watch all of them for free. Forever.
So if, for whatever reason, you couldn’t make it, all is not lost. You can still take delight in having your mind blown by the greatest line-up of true freedom fighters ever assembled. It’s all part of making Anarchapulco into the best liberty festival of all time.
Stay tuned to hear more about how else you can deal with missing 2016.
Nathan T Freeman, Chief Cat Herder