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Anarchapulco Health and Wellness Reminder


Anarchapulco Health and Wellness Reminder


Hello Freedom Fighters!
This is just a friendly reminder for everyone coming to the conference to start whatever immune booster program that they normally take to help keep themselves healthy while traveling. Whatever that might be is up to you, but it’s important is that everyone puts in an effort to keep themselves healthy and aware of their well-being prior to their arrival in Acapulco.
As we all know, sickness can have a huge impact on people’s enjoyment of the conference. Unfortunately that happened last year, when even Jeff Berwick wasn’t able to attend part of the conference due to illness!
Verde Vegan will be preparing daily hangover shots as well as immune boosters during the conference to help people stay healthy. Please consider taking advantage of that opportunity.
And, check out the full spa facilities at the Hotel Mundo Imperial where they have chakra balancing massage, lymph fluid draining massage, eucalyptus steam room, acupuncture and much more.
If you haven’t seen it already, you should definitely check out this Anarchast interview with Josh Macin. Josh talks about the importance of detoxification using several methodologies including juice fasting and also explains how he healed himself from heavy metal (not the music) poisoning.
We are happy to announce that Josh will be speaking at the conference as well and you certainly won’t want to miss his insight!
Jeff Berwick just concluded a 10 day juice fast and according to him he’s never felt better.
So, consider doing some detoxing and loading up on vitamins and minerals prior to arrival so we have as many healthy and happy voluntaryists as possible!
See you soon!

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