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Anarchapulco 2017 Right Around The Corner


Anarchapulco 2017 Right Around The Corner


Tis’ the season for Anarchapulco and people have already begun to arrive in gorgeous Acapulco, Mexico! Pre-parties are starting and connections are being made with faces both old and new.
We have just a few days to go before the conference kicks off and many people have had questions about the layout of the hotel and it’s vicinity.
For those who would like to have a closer look at exactly what the area is like, check out this video made by Openly Voluntary which contains some useful info that will help you to get your bearings upon arrival.
If you are coming to Anarchapulco also make sure to join Anarchapulco’s FBI book group to keep in contact with the other attendees here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/anarchapulco
To view the full event schedule please go here: https://anarchapulco.com/the-schedule and to make hotel accommodations or for general venue information please check out this link: https://anarchapulco.com/the-hotel
It’s still not too late to book a flight and register, but you better get moving! You can register HERE.

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